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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Quest, Chapters 17-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What brings Cluny out of his nightmare where the phantom figure appears?
(a) Thunder.
(b) Joseph Bell.
(c) The smell of food.
(d) His mother.

2. What name does Chickenhound want to call himself for all his self-proclaimed criminal "greatness"?
(a) Mousedeath.
(b) Foxteeth.
(c) Counterhound.
(d) Scourgethief.

3. Where did Ambrose Spike stop before he was attacked?
(a) Mossflower Mercantile.
(b) Vole Bank.
(c) Blackwell Commons.
(d) St. Ninian's.

4. Constance Badger pulls the Churchmouse family in the cart, acting as guide and _____.
(a) Instructor.
(b) Bodyguard.
(c) Medic.
(d) Counselor.

5. Who is disguised as Cluny in battle?
(a) Scragg.
(b) Darkclaw.
(c) Redtooth.
(d) Cheesethief.

Short Answer Questions

1. Basil Stag Hare calls Constance Badger a _____ when she returns from fighting Redtooth and Fangburn.

2. What does Sela supposedly need that Cluny sends her into the woods to look for?

3. Chickenhound considers Redwall to be his _____.

4. Whose whiskers had gotten singed by Matthias in the past?

5. What sort of snake is Asmodeus?

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