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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, The Quest, Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the ferret that has been scouting with Cheesethief?
(a) Craveclaw.
(b) Ravenkiller.
(c) Killconey.
(d) Eggcracker.

2. Matthias hits Ragear with a _____.
(a) Larch branch.
(b) Cudgel.
(c) Sword handle.
(d) Mace.

3. Cornflower's father shares a _____ with Mr. Churchmouse on the way home.
(a) Roll.
(b) Book.
(c) Cake.
(d) Pipe.

4. Father Abbot Mortimer describes the mice of Redwall as being "mice of _____."
(a) Men.
(b) Talent.
(c) Peace.
(d) Pride.

5. What does Basil Stag Hare lug out of the undergrowth so he and Matthias can have lunch?
(a) A tied bunch of carrots.
(b) A tin box.
(c) A haversack.
(d) A wooden bowl.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cluny often wielded his great tail as a _____.

2. Who does the rope belong to that binds Ragear to the tree?

3. Matthias feels that he has _____ overnight.

4. What lies beneath the Great Hall of Redwall?

5. What aspect of the words of the riddle perplexes Matthias the most?

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