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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, The Warrior, Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What creature notices Cluny and Shadow approaching Redwall at night?
(a) A beetle.
(b) A hen.
(c) A frog.
(d) A lizard.

2. Where does Father Abbot Martimer intend to take the casualties of Cluny's attack?
(a) Into the nave.
(b) Into the Great Hall.
(c) Into the cloisters.
(d) Into Cavern Hole.

3. What does Cluny call Constance Badger when he talks to Redtooth about her?
(a) A tattle-tale.
(b) A country bumpkin.
(c) A half-scourge.
(d) A piece of work.

4. What lies beneath the Great Hall of Redwall?
(a) Knobster Bottoms.
(b) Martin Hall.
(c) Killkarney Castle.
(d) Cavern Hole.

5. What does Captain Snow inadvertently call his nest when he invites Matthias to stay with him?
(a) Lair.
(b) Resting place.
(c) Cave.
(d) Dungeon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Matthias compares his always coming back to Redwall to _____ when he sees Conrflower again.

2. What is the title of the mole who leads the tunneling?

3. Cluny is described as carrying a rusty _____.

4. Who did Martin the Warrior slay in the battle where he was wounded?

5. What does Cheesethief do with Cluny's tail barb when he is in his tent?

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