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Draw a picture of the tapestry with Martin the Warrior on it as described by the author.

Story Time

Write a story that Matthias would tell the the Churchmouse twins as a bedtime story.


Draw a portrait of Cornflower that Matthias might draw as a gift for her.

Cluny the Scourge

Write a story about the childhood of Cluny the Scourge. What did he have to do to survive? What were his parents like? How did he learn to be such a Scourge?

Plan a menu for a meal for the next Jubilee. What would Friar Hugo cook as a main course? What would he serve with it? Where would he get these items? What recipes would he use?


Make a map similar to the one at the beginning of the book. Label the major events that take place in the different locations...

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