Redwall Character Descriptions

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This character is the protagonist of the novel who is at the beginning an orphaned young field mouse.

Cluny the Scourge

The novel's chief antagonist, this character is a war-battered rat who fears no one.

Brother Methuselah

One of the oldest members of Redwall Abbey, this character has spent his life learning the languages of all animals and the history of the surrounding countryside.

Ambrose Spike

A hedgehog introduced as a trivial character, entertaining with slight-of-hand tricks during the jubilee celebration, this character proves himself a valiant and effective warrior during the Late Rose Summer Wars.

Brother Alf (Abbot Mordalfus)

A great fisherman and a mouse brother of Redwall Abbey, this character and a clumsy novice caught a huge grayling (game fish) to grace the table at the jubilee dinner.

Asmodeus Poisonteeth

A giant adder who lives in an ancient sandstone quarry northeast of Redwall Abbey, this...

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