Redwall Character Descriptions

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Matthias - This character is the protagonist of the novel who is at the beginning an orphaned young field mouse.

Cluny the Scourge - The novel's chief antagonist, this character is a war-battered rat who fears no one.

Brother Methuselah - One of the oldest members of Redwall Abbey, this character has spent his life learning the languages of all animals and the history of the surrounding countryside.

Ambrose Spike - A hedgehog introduced as a trivial character, entertaining with slight-of-hand tricks during the jubilee celebration, this character proves himself a valiant and effective warrior during the Late Rose Summer Wars.

Brother Alf (Abbot Mordalfus) - A great fisherman and a mouse brother of Redwall Abbey, this character and a clumsy novice caught a huge grayling (game fish) to grace the table at the jubilee dinner.

Asmodeus Poisonteeth - A giant adder who lives in an ancient...

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