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Phil Klay
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “Prayer in the Furnace”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How was Rodriguez's friend and battalion member recently killed in "Prayer in the Furnace"?
(a) He fell into the river.
(b) He stepped on a land mine.
(c) He was electrocuted.
(d) He was shot by a sniper.

2. On what deployment of the narrator's does Rachel get married in "Bodies"?
(a) On his third deployment.
(b) On his fifth deployment.
(c) On his fourth deployment.
(d) On his second deployment.

3. Who examines the damage to the MRAP in the beginning of "After Action Report"?
(a) Corporal Garza.
(b) Lance Corporal Ozzie Suba.
(c) Lance Corporal MacClelland.
(d) Corporal Moore.

4. What military slang term is used in "OIF" to describe non-infantry, non-combat soldiers or staff?
(a) ANP.
(b) PNO.
(c) MTG.
(d) POG.

5. What type of project is described as "big" by Bob in “Money as a Weapons System”?
(a) Starting a baseball league.
(b) Filtering water.
(c) Starting a Women's Business Bureau.
(d) Erecting a water treatment plant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the narrator's hometown in "Bodies"?

2. Where is the memorial held for the Marine that was killed by the MRAP attack in "After Action Report"?

3. When was the narrator first told the story about the body bag in "Bodies"?

4. Who is the DI the narrator describes having beaten an Iraqi to death with a radio in "After Action Report"?

5. How does the narrator describe Rachel's demeanor in high school in "Bodies"?

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