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Phil Klay
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “OIF”.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the acronym FRAGO represent?
(a) First Redirection of Orders.
(b) First Regiment at Guard Order.
(c) Fragmentary Order.
(d) First Redeployment and Guard Orders.

2. Who examines the damage to the MRAP in the beginning of "After Action Report"?
(a) Lance Corporal Ozzie Suba.
(b) Corporal Moore.
(c) Corporal Garza.
(d) Lance Corporal MacClelland.

3. How does the narrator describe his feelings for the PFC that died in the end of "OIF"?
(a) He made fun of him.
(b) He resented him.
(c) He loved him.
(d) He hated him.

4. What word refers to language peculiar to a particular trade, profession, or group?
(a) Jargon.
(b) Irony.
(c) Omniscience.
(d) Metaphor.

5. What does PFC refer to in "Redeployment"?
(a) Personal Fire Control.
(b) Protective First Consulate.
(c) Private First Class.
(d) Protective Fire Control.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does the narrator describe covered in blood in "Redeployment"?

2. On what deployment of the narrator's does Rachel get married in "Bodies"?

3. What does the acronym OEF stand for in the narrative?

4. Who dies as a result of injuries from the attack on the MRAP in "After Action Report"?

5. The narrator says in "Bodies" that except for him and the corporal, everyone in Mortuary Affairs talked about what?

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