Objects & Places from Redeployment

Phil Klay
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This name is used in the narrative to refer to an improvised or non-conventional militaristic bomb and was placed randomly about the Iraqi terrain during the 2003 Iraq War.

Daisy Chain

This name refers to a particularly macabre device which releases more than one blast.


This name refers to a U.S. Military device used when Marines are tasked with bringing a house or other building down.


This term in the narrative is used by the Marines to refer to Iraqis and other Muslims.

Power Drill

In the short story, “Frago,” two Iraqi men are found in a house that had been commandeered by al-Qaeda. This object was used in their torture.


This name refers to a heavy vehicle used by the Marines that can withstand blasts to some degree and thus protect the Marines riding in them.


In "Money as a Weapons System...

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