Redeployment Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Phil Klay
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the motif of dogs in “Redeployment.” How does the narrator describe the dogs during his deployment? How does he feel about killing the dogs? How does the narrator’s dog at come connect with the dogs in Iraq?

Essay Topic 2

What causes Dyer’s inability to act in “FRAGO”? How would you describe this character? What is done to help Dyer? Are these actions effective?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss aspects of irony and foreshadowing in “FRAGO.” What is ironic about the Iraqis that have been saved in the story? What happens to them? How is “the enemy” defined in this story?

Essay Topic 4

Describe the narrator of “After Action Report.” What is the arc of this character? What initiates changes in the character? How do these changes manifest?

Essay Topic 5

Describe and discuss the character of Timhead in “After Action Report.” What are Timhead’s actions...

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