Redeployment Character Descriptions

Phil Klay
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Sergeant Price

This protagonist and narrator of "Redeployment" describes shooting dogs in Iraq before returning home and having to put his own dog out of his misery.


This narrator and protagonist of "Psychological Operations" is currently a student at Amherst after serving in Iraq. He was born in Egypt and raised as a Coptic Christian.

Cheryl Price

This character appears in "Redeployment." She is married to a Marine and works a late shift at a restaurant.

PFC Dyer

This character from "FRAGO" is traumatized by the injuries sustained by his fellow squad members. He is ordered to treat the serious wound of a fellow Marine until they can get him to the hospital.

CPL Sweets

This character from "FRAGO" is badly injured in an assault. He is eventually taken by helicopter to a base hospital.

Lance CPL Ozzie Suba

This character is the protagonist and narrator of "After...

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