Redeployment Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Phil Klay
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• Redeployment is an award-winning collection of short stories by American writer Phil Klay.

• The first of the twelve short stories shares the collection’s title.

• In “Redeployment,” the first-person narrator, Marine Sergeant Price, describes himself and other Marines purposely shooting dogs.

• When deployment is up, the men are sent to a logistics base in the desert to decompress.

• Marine Sergeant Price tries to think about home and his wife, Cheryl, and not what he did on the battlefield or all the horrors that he’d seen including the slaughter of his fellow Marines.

• After deployment, the narrator’s plane first lands in Cherry Point; no one is there to greet them.

• The families are waiting to reunite with the Marines at Camp Lejeune which is an hour away.

• When they arrive, Price turns his rifle in and doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

• The...

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