Redefining Realness Fun Activities

Mock, Janet
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Book Cover

Keeping in mind the book's themes and tone, create a new, alternative book cover in any medium you wish.

Movie Cast

Which real-life actors and actresses would be good choices for a movie version of this book? Create a cast list of main people in the book and make a casting list of real actors and actresses to play them.

Movie Poster

Using any medium you wish, create the art for a promotional poster for a film version of this book.

100 Year-Test

Will people still be reading this book in 100 years? Why or why not? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion and share it with your classmates.

Portrait of Janet

Create a sketch or painting of Janet Mock and share it with your classmates.

Create a Podcast

Working with classmates who have also read the book, write a script for a podcast in which you discuss...

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