Redefining Realness Character Descriptions

Mock, Janet
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Janet Mock

This person undergoes a long journey of emotional and personal growth throughout the book. This person also undergoes male-to-female gender reassignment surgery.

Elizabeth Mock

This person struggles throughout the book with drug addiction and sometimes abusive relationships after having a first child at age 16.

Charles (Charlie) Mock II

This person struggles with addiction throughout the book, and has a series of relationships, some of which are adulterous. This person's child is transgender, which this person struggles to come to terms with. Ultimately, this person maintains and exhibits love and support for the child.


This person is perhaps the first person to unconditionally love a person who is transgender, just the way that person is, in a romantic context.


This person sexually abuses another person for a sustained period of that person's childhood.


This person plays football as a young person and exhibits many traditionally...

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