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Francine Rivers
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Lucky and Mai Ling, Angel's co-workers, after Angel left Pair-a-Dice?
(a) They started their own business.
(b) They worked for another brothel.
(c) They moved away.
(d) They were killed.

2. What did Miriam Altman say about Paul in Chapter 20?
(a) He's as hateful as the devil and just as handsome.
(b) He's handsome with dark, brooding eyes.
(c) He's sweet as honey with fire in his eyes.
(d) He's as beautiful as an angel with a halo to match.

3. When Michael tells Angel that he knew the first time he saw her that he was going to marry her, what feature did Michael say he saw first?
(a) Her voluptuous curves.
(b) Her blonde, cornsilk hair.
(c) Her young, stone-cold face.
(d) Her small, petite frame.

4. When they were on their walk through the land at night, what was it that Michael wanted to show Angel?
(a) The family of deer.
(b) The stream.
(c) The view of the cabin below.
(d) The sunrise.

5. What does Miriam Altman say about dogs and children?
(a) They keep you warm at night.
(b) They can always pick a tenderhearted person.
(c) They always know when a storm is coming.
(d) They are a faithful and true companion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What feature in the cabin did Angel compare her life to?

2. When Angel asks Michael, "What sort of name is Hosea?" what is his reply?

3. What did Angel believe would ease the heaviness inside of her?

4. Where was Paul before he came back to the valley?

5. How is Paul related to Michael?

Short Essay Questions

1. Concerning the relationship between Angel and Michael, what foreshadowing appears in Chapter Ten?

2. How does Angels interactions with the Altmans evolve in Chapter 19?

3. Chapter Eight finds Angel slowly recovering physically under the quiet care of Michael Hosea. How is she doing emotionally? Why?

4. When Michael leaves Angel at the brothel, Angel doesn't believe that he will ever return. At this point in the book, how does Angel feel about life in general?

5. When the Altmans move into their own cabin, Michael thinks that Angel will be relieved that they are so close. Instead, what it Angel's reaction and why?

6. In Chapter Twelve, Michael cannot explain to Angel what he wants from her emotionally, and what he wishes their physical relationship would be like. Since he can't tell her, what does he do to show her?

7. At the beginning of Chapter 13, Angel runs away the morning after she and Michael share the most intimate evening of her life. What is Michael's response to her planned departure, and what choice does he ask her to make?

8. Up to this point, Michael has only used the name Angel when he is extremely angry with her. In Chapter 18 what name does Angel use to refer to herself? What is the significance?

9. In the prologue, Sarah meets her father, Alex Stafford, for the first time. What was his reaction to the introduction, and why did he react that way?

10. Readers find in Chapter Four that Michael has made numerous visits to Angel's room in attempt to make her his bride. She repeatedly refuses. How do Angel's coworkers feel about this? What is Angel's reaction?

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