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Francine Rivers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty-four.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Angel tells Michael to call her whatever he wants, what does he name her?
(a) Blythe, meaning joyous.
(b) Tristyn, meaning sad.
(c) Mara, meaning bitter.
(d) Sarah, meaning princess.

2. How did Angel get revenge on Michael for her stained hands?
(a) By refusing to do chores.
(b) By not talking to him.
(c) By ruining his dinner.
(d) By breaking the window.

3. What does Angel compare herself to when talking to Miriam Altman?
(a) A prickly thorn, small but capable of much pain.
(b) A diamond in the rough.
(c) A chunk of amethyst turned inside out.
(d) A wild dog, rabid and unpredictable.

4. How does Angel feel about the Altmans doing chores?
(a) She feels it's owed her.
(b) She feels free.
(c) She feels she does a better job.
(d) She feels useless.

5. When Michael tells Angel that he knew the first time he saw her that he was going to marry her, what feature did Michael say he saw first?
(a) Her blonde, cornsilk hair.
(b) Her small, petite frame.
(c) Her voluptuous curves.
(d) Her young, stone-cold face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michael tell Angel to listen to in order to help her rest at his cabin?

2. Who did Michael tell Angel used to call him names?

3. After her first week on her feet, why did Angel finally come out of the cabin?

4. What did Angel do to feel ashamed after running away for the third time?

5. What members of the Altman family died on their way to Oregon?

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