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Francine Rivers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-nine.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Angel tell the Altmans to try and keep them from wintering with the Hoseas?
(a) She says wild wolves have claimed a neighbor's child.
(b) She says the cabin is very small and food is limited.
(c) She says she met Michael in a brothel.
(d) She says that as newlyweds they require their privacy.

2. When Michael brought Angel back home from Pair-a-Dice, he left her alone in the cabin. Angel eventually went looking for Michael; where did she find him?
(a) In the stream, bathing.
(b) In the corral, working.
(c) In the barn, crying.
(d) In the cabin, cooking.

3. Why did Michael decide to go back to Pair-a-Dice?
(a) He wanted to look up an old friend.
(b) He needed some supplies for winter.
(c) He had a bad dream about Angel.
(d) He had decided to find a wife.

4. In Chapter 19, whose rules does Angel say she wants to live by?
(a) "God's laws."
(b) "Yours, Michael."
(c) "The Golden Rule."
(d) "My own."

5. What did Miriam Altman say about Paul in Chapter 20?
(a) He's as beautiful as an angel with a halo to match.
(b) He's handsome with dark, brooding eyes.
(c) He's as hateful as the devil and just as handsome.
(d) He's sweet as honey with fire in his eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did God say when Michael asked him for guidance about how to help Angel?

2. In Chapter 29, when Angel lifted her head from washing her face in a trough, who was there?

3. What name did Angel give to Virgil Harper?

4. When Angel says she's a door a thousand men have walked through, what does Michael say she is?

5. What did Angel tell Michael on their way home from Sacramento in Chapter 23?

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