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Francine Rivers
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened the morning after Michael and Angel consummated their marriage?
(a) They held hands under the sunset.
(b) Angel tried to run away.
(c) They made a lavish breakfast.
(d) Angel refused to speak.

2. Who did Michael say that Angel fell in love with instead of him?
(a) Duke.
(b) Paul.
(c) The Altmans.
(d) The valley.

3. What does Angel compare herself to when talking to Miriam Altman?
(a) A diamond in the rough.
(b) A chunk of amethyst turned inside out.
(c) A prickly thorn, small but capable of much pain.
(d) A wild dog, rabid and unpredictable.

4. What did John Altman talk about like it was heaven?
(a) Pair-a-Dice.
(b) Sacramento.
(c) The valley.
(d) Oregon.

5. When Michael showed Angel compassion after she returned to the cabin, she asks why. What was his response?
(a) "Because God told me to care for you and to nurture you."
(b) "Because I have walked a mile in your shoes."
(c) "Because for some of us, one mile can be farther to walk than thirty."
(d) "Because you would do the same for me if I was in your shoes."

Short Answer Questions

1. When Angel thinks that everyone she draws close to leaves, what does she say is deadly?

2. Who read the Christmas story at the Altman house?

3. Where did Angel and Michael spend their last night together before she left for the third time?

4. What did Miriam Altman say about Paul in Chapter 20?

5. What Christmas gift did Angel make for Miriam?

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