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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a higher ranking officer do to the lieutenant?
(a) Gives him a commendation.
(b) Orders him to report to the general.
(c) Belittles him for not going farther.
(d) Relieves him of duty.

2. After Henry plants the flag in the ground, what happens?
(a) The Rebel charge comes near enough for Henry to look them in the eye.
(b) Henry is shot but he refuses to fall.
(c) The regiment loses heart and waits to die.
(d) The regiment is uplifted by the sight of the flag and charges ahead.

3. After getting his wound treated, what does Henry do?
(a) tries to get some sleep
(b) sits and stares into the fire
(c) talks to a man by the fire
(d) begs for food and drink

4. In the charge, what gives Henry momentum to keep going?
(a) the sport of the kill
(b) the red, white, and blue flag
(c) the drums and bugles
(d) the shouts of the lieutenant

5. What are the men doing in the forest as Henry nears his regiment?
(a) digging holes in the ground
(b) walking in circles
(c) getting ready to sleep
(d) looking for something to eat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does a Major volunteer Henry's regiment to do?

2. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?

3. As the regiment weakens, what is the effect on the lieutenant?

4. What do the officers expect to find among the men?

5. What do the men at the front of the unit do when they halt in some trees?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Henry eventually get back to his regiment?

2. How does Henry distinguish himself that day?

3. What do Henry and his friend manage to do that boosts the morale of the Union forces to make the Rebels retreat?

4. How has Wilson changed since the first days of military camp?

5. How was Henry's reception back in the unit better than what he had hoped for?

6. During the next wave of battle, describe Henry's actions.

7. Thinking ahead, what image comes to Henry's mind?

8. What action does Henry take when the regiment begins to show signs of running down?

9. Explain why Henry and his friend went to find a stream.

10. What prompts the regiment to drive on in the charge?

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