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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Coming to his senses, what does Henry realize?
(a) He needs to find another rifle.
(b) He has to think up some good stories to tell.
(c) He is back with his regiment.
(d) He is starving.

2. As he comes closer to the enemy, what does Henry realize is a great opportunity?
(a) to light a grass fire
(b) to show the men an opening
(c) to shoot the Rebel colonel
(d) to capture the enemy flag

3. As the men of the regiment fight like wild animals, what happens suddenly?
(a) Canons start firing.
(b) The Rebels disappear.
(c) Henry loses the flag.
(d) Henry loses his rifle.

4. Who do Henry and his friend tell what they have overheard?
(a) their sergeant
(b) their other friends in the regiment
(c) the medics
(d) their lieutenant

5. Why is Henry only watching the action in this latest battle?
(a) He is paralyzed by fear.
(b) His head wound is bothering him.
(c) He has lost his weapon.
(d) He is still carrying the flag.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the friend that Henry notices has changed since he last saw him?

2. What is Henry's dark thought about the enemy?

3. What do the officers expect to find among the men?

4. What does the regiment know of the military machinery behind their orders to charge the Rebels?

5. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?

Short Essay Questions

1. As they wait in the trenches, what happens to the silence?

2. Describe how the battle begins as Henry's regiment begins the charge.

3. What action does Henry take when the regiment begins to show signs of running down?

4. How has Wilson changed since the first days of military camp?

5. How does Henry distinguish himself that day?

6. During the next wave of battle, describe Henry's actions.

7. What does Henry observe as weariness comes over his comrades?

8. What does Henry do to prevent Wilson from being reminded of how scared he was earlier?

9. What prompts the regiment to drive on in the charge?

10. How was Henry's reception back in the unit better than what he had hoped for?

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