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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What starts the battle in the forest?
(a) a Rebel yell
(b) a single gunshot
(c) a canon blast
(d) an order from the lieutenant

2. What is Henry advised to avoid putting pressure on his head wound?
(a) not to bump his head on a tree limb
(b) not to touch the bandage
(c) not to talk or yell
(d) not to go to sleep

3. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?
(a) He takes charge of carrying the flag.
(b) He runs to inform the lieutenant.
(c) He runs into the trees to shoot whoever killed the flag bearer.
(d) He stands up and fires wildly.

4. What does Wilson help Henry do?
(a) find another rifle
(b) get something to eat
(c) get treatment for his head injury
(d) locate a place to sleep

5. What happens when Henry asks one of the soldiers what is happening?
(a) He is cursed as a deserter.
(b) He gets hit in the head with a rifle butt.
(c) He is told to shut up and run.
(d) He gets stabbed with a bayonet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Coming to his senses, what does Henry realize?

2. What does Henry surmise as the men swarm toward where he is?

3. What returns to Henry in his thoughts as he waits for orders?

4. After getting his wound treated, what does Henry do?

5. What other secret do Henry and his friend share?

Short Essay Questions

1. As they wait in the trenches, what happens to the silence?

2. What does Henry do to prevent Wilson from being reminded of how scared he was earlier?

3. How was Henry's reception back in the unit better than what he had hoped for?

4. Explain why Henry and his friend went to find a stream.

5. How does Henry find extra strength and courage during the charge?

6. What prompts the regiment to drive on in the charge?

7. What do Henry and his friend manage to do that boosts the morale of the Union forces to make the Rebels retreat?

8. How does Henry receive what becomes his red badge of courage?

9. What does this battle prove about the regiment?

10. How has Wilson changed since the first days of military camp?

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