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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Henry hope to impress one day?
(a) his mother and her pastor
(b) the people who live around his farm
(c) the students at his old school
(d) his mother and the dark haired girl

2. What causes the regiment to slow its advance against the Rebels?
(a) marshes
(b) exhaustion
(c) canon fire
(d) orders from the lieutenant

3. What are the men doing in the forest as Henry nears his regiment?
(a) looking for something to eat
(b) getting ready to sleep
(c) digging holes in the ground
(d) walking in circles

4. What is Henry's act of bravery?
(a) He manages to carry the flag and shoot at the same time.
(b) He moves ahead with the flag and urges the men to follow.
(c) He defies the orders of the colonel.
(d) He lets out a yell and charges the Rebels alone.

5. When the orders come, where is Henry's regiment gong?
(a) to relieve another regiment in the trenches
(b) to join other regiments about to charge the Rebels
(c) to circle around behind the Rebel army
(d) back to base for more training

6. After getting his wound treated, what does Henry do?
(a) sits and stares into the fire
(b) tries to get some sleep
(c) begs for food and drink
(d) talks to a man by the fire

7. What does Henry learn about other men in his regiment?
(a) They, too, got separated and are returning.
(b) They had stayed at the front the longest.
(c) They were ambushed and many of them killed.
(d) They had wanted to surrender.

8. After the charge, how do the men know they are safe?
(a) The birds return to the trees.
(b) They are ordered to return to the battalion.
(c) The battle noises are now far away.
(d) Scouts report that the Rebels have retreated.

9. When the colonel and other officers appear, what is he shouting?
(a) They must take cover.
(b) They must charge the enemy.
(c) They must surrender.
(d) They must retreat.

10. Where does Henry take refuge?
(a) in a cave
(b) behind a small tree
(c) under a wagon
(d) behind a dead soldier

11. What does Wilson help Henry do?
(a) get something to eat
(b) locate a place to sleep
(c) get treatment for his head injury
(d) find another rifle

12. What is Henry's first impression as he wakes the next morning after returning to his regiment?
(a) He first thinks the sleeping men are corpses.
(b) He thinks that maybe the war is over.
(c) He wonders why everything is so quiet.
(d) He cannot remember where he is.

13. What does his friend do to try and help Henry?
(a) locate a rifle
(b) check his bandage
(c) spoon feed him
(d) help him stand

14. Who do Henry and his friend tell what they have overheard?
(a) the medics
(b) their lieutenant
(c) their other friends in the regiment
(d) their sergeant

15. What is Henry's dark thought about the enemy?
(a) to see them run in terror
(b) to see their faces contorted in fear
(c) to see their families weep over their bodies
(d) to see them swallowed up by the earth

Short Answer Questions

1. What does a higher ranking officer do to the lieutenant?

2. What is the sound Henry hears as he fixes his eyes on a clump of trees?

3. What does Henry surmise as the men swarm toward where he is?

4. How is this charge a turning point for the regiment?

5. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?

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