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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Coming to his senses, what does Henry realize?
(a) He is starving.
(b) He is back with his regiment.
(c) He has to think up some good stories to tell.
(d) He needs to find another rifle.

2. What is Henry's act of bravery?
(a) He lets out a yell and charges the Rebels alone.
(b) He moves ahead with the flag and urges the men to follow.
(c) He manages to carry the flag and shoot at the same time.
(d) He defies the orders of the colonel.

3. Who do Henry and his friend tell what they have overheard?
(a) their lieutenant
(b) their sergeant
(c) their other friends in the regiment
(d) the medics

4. Why is Henry only watching the action in this latest battle?
(a) His head wound is bothering him.
(b) He has lost his weapon.
(c) He is still carrying the flag.
(d) He is paralyzed by fear.

5. How does Henry feel about the enemy?
(a) that they are better shots than the Union soldiers
(b) that there are so many of them
(c) that they never seem to tire
(d) that they give up too easily

6. What does Henry see on the faces of sleeping soldiers?
(a) relief
(b) fear
(c) anguish
(d) weariness

7. What seems to be happening to Henry's perception as the shooting starts?
(a) His vision blurs.
(b) He cannot see details.
(c) Everything seems sharper and clearer.
(d) He is blinded by gun powder.

8. As Henry is observing the battle, what happens suddenly to frighten him?
(a) A lieutenant rides up near where he is hiding.
(b) Runaway horses begin to stampede.
(c) A bomb blast fall near him.
(d) Dark waves of men sweep out of the woods coming toward him.

9. How is this charge a turning point for the regiment?
(a) They learn how to reload faster.
(b) They now see that it is possible to win.
(c) They no longer fear death.
(d) They refuse to fight again.

10. What does Henry imagine himself doing sometime in the future?
(a) training young soldiers in rifle shooting
(b) writing a book about his adventures
(c) lecturing young men on going to war
(d) telling his stories by candlelight in a parlor

11. Once in position, what does Henry see?
(a) a long clearing with sandbag walls on the far side
(b) a long stretch of cleared wood with flashes of rifle fire
(c) a row of Rebel canons aimed in his direction
(d) a long stretch of burned out forest

12. What does his friend do to try and help Henry?
(a) check his bandage
(b) help him stand
(c) locate a rifle
(d) spoon feed him

13. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.
(a) He says he got separated and received a head wound.
(b) He says he was there all the time but no one saw him.
(c) He says a lieutenant sent him on an errand.
(d) He says his wound knocked him unconscious.

14. What happens when the shooting starts?
(a) Men on the front line begin falling.
(b) A bugle sounds retreat.
(c) The Rebels jump up and run.
(d) Henry runs away again.

15. What happens that begins to wear on the men's nerves?
(a) catcalls and Rebel yells
(b) rain that fills the trenches with water
(c) continuing rifle fire with no let up
(d) hours of dead silence from the Rebels

Short Answer Questions

1. What angers Henry this time as the battle begins?

2. What is Henry advised to avoid putting pressure on his head wound?

3. What causes the regiment to slow its advance against the Rebels?

4. As he comes closer to the enemy, what does Henry realize is a great opportunity?

5. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?

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