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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Describe the man who helps Henry locate his regiment?
(a) He is a cheery and kind old man.
(b) He is gruff and uncompromising.
(c) He is young and idealistic.
(d) He is stern and judgmental.

2. What happens as the smoke begins to clear?
(a) The Rebels are charging Henry's regiment.
(b) Henry lets go of the flag.
(c) The men begin to cheer.
(d) The bugles sound another charge.

3. Why do some of the men move back frantically?
(a) looking for their lost weapons
(b) hurry to get medical attention
(c) anxous to find their friends
(d) fear of being killed outside of combat

4. What does a Major volunteer Henry's regiment to do?
(a) collect the bodies of the fallen
(b) ambush the Rebels from behind
(c) charge the enemy
(d) return to base

5. What does a higher ranking officer do to the lieutenant?
(a) Belittles him for not going farther.
(b) Orders him to report to the general.
(c) Relieves him of duty.
(d) Gives him a commendation.

6. Who is the friend that Henry notices has changed since he last saw him?
(a) the loud soldier
(b) the tall soldier
(c) the singing soldier
(d) the joking soldier

7. What does the lieutenant order the complaining men to do?
(a) start moving closer to the enemy
(b) be quiet and save their energy
(c) get some sleep
(d) think good thoughts

8. Coming to his senses, what does Henry realize?
(a) He has to think up some good stories to tell.
(b) He is back with his regiment.
(c) He is starving.
(d) He needs to find another rifle.

9. How does Henry feel about the enemy?
(a) that they never seem to tire
(b) that they are better shots than the Union soldiers
(c) that they give up too easily
(d) that there are so many of them

10. What is Henry's act of bravery?
(a) He moves ahead with the flag and urges the men to follow.
(b) He lets out a yell and charges the Rebels alone.
(c) He defies the orders of the colonel.
(d) He manages to carry the flag and shoot at the same time.

11. What happens that begins to wear on the men's nerves?
(a) catcalls and Rebel yells
(b) hours of dead silence from the Rebels
(c) continuing rifle fire with no let up
(d) rain that fills the trenches with water

12. How does most of the regiment react to the news of their charge against the enemy?
(a) indifferently
(b) with disbelief
(c) ralllying with anticipation
(d) objecting loudly

13. Who do Henry and his friend overhear on the road?
(a) two of their regiment planning to desert
(b) a wounded soldier begging another soldier to shoot him
(c) some Rebel officers
(d) the general and a major

14. What angers Henry this time as the battle begins?
(a) that the generals have not planned well
(b) that the insects keep buzzing around
(c) that he does not have enough ammunition
(d) that he had had no time to recuperate

15. As he comes closer to the enemy, what does Henry realize is a great opportunity?
(a) to shoot the Rebel colonel
(b) to show the men an opening
(c) to capture the enemy flag
(d) to light a grass fire

Short Answer Questions

1. As the regiment weakens, what is the effect on the lieutenant?

2. What other secret do Henry and his friend share?

3. What seems to be happening to Henry's perception as the shooting starts?

4. What surprises Henry about his head wound?

5. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?

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