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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the Rebels bear down on them, how does Henry feel?
(a) like a charging bull
(b) like a fly on a tree
(c) like a hunted animal
(d) like a man with a purpose

2. What does Henry learn about other men in his regiment?
(a) They were ambushed and many of them killed.
(b) They, too, got separated and are returning.
(c) They had wanted to surrender.
(d) They had stayed at the front the longest.

3. What causes the regiment to slow its advance against the Rebels?
(a) marshes
(b) canon fire
(c) orders from the lieutenant
(d) exhaustion

4. What do the men at the front of the unit do when they halt in some trees?
(a) start looking for a white flag
(b) drink water and rest a moment
(c) bow their heads and accept death
(d) let the men ehind them come forward

5. When the orders come, where is Henry's regiment gong?
(a) back to base for more training
(b) to relieve another regiment in the trenches
(c) to circle around behind the Rebel army
(d) to join other regiments about to charge the Rebels

6. How is this charge a turning point for the regiment?
(a) They refuse to fight again.
(b) They no longer fear death.
(c) They learn how to reload faster.
(d) They now see that it is possible to win.

7. What is Henry's resolve during the battle?
(a) to write everyting down
(b) to help the lieutenant
(c) to look for escape
(d) not to move

8. What is Henry's act of bravery?
(a) He lets out a yell and charges the Rebels alone.
(b) He defies the orders of the colonel.
(c) He moves ahead with the flag and urges the men to follow.
(d) He manages to carry the flag and shoot at the same time.

9. What effect does the report of the lieutenant's chastisement have on the troops?
(a) lowers their morale
(b) raises their hopes
(c) makes them resolved to do better next time
(d) makes them laugh

10. After the charge, how do the men know they are safe?
(a) Scouts report that the Rebels have retreated.
(b) The battle noises are now far away.
(c) They are ordered to return to the battalion.
(d) The birds return to the trees.

11. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.
(a) He says he got separated and received a head wound.
(b) He says he was there all the time but no one saw him.
(c) He says a lieutenant sent him on an errand.
(d) He says his wound knocked him unconscious.

12. As the men of the regiment fight like wild animals, what happens suddenly?
(a) Canons start firing.
(b) Henry loses the flag.
(c) The Rebels disappear.
(d) Henry loses his rifle.

13. How does most of the regiment react to the news of their charge against the enemy?
(a) indifferently
(b) ralllying with anticipation
(c) with disbelief
(d) objecting loudly

14. What happens when the shooting starts?
(a) Men on the front line begin falling.
(b) A bugle sounds retreat.
(c) The Rebels jump up and run.
(d) Henry runs away again.

15. Where does Henry take refuge?
(a) behind a dead soldier
(b) in a cave
(c) behind a small tree
(d) under a wagon

Short Answer Questions

1. What starts the battle in the forest?

2. What does the regiment know of the military machinery behind their orders to charge the Rebels?

3. How does Henry rationalize his railing at nature while he was on the run?

4. What does Henry recall while waiting for marching orders?

5. Describe the man who helps Henry locate his regiment?

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