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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Henry's resolve during the battle?
(a) to help the lieutenant
(b) to look for escape
(c) to write everyting down
(d) not to move

2. As Henry is observing the battle, what happens suddenly to frighten him?
(a) Dark waves of men sweep out of the woods coming toward him.
(b) A lieutenant rides up near where he is hiding.
(c) A bomb blast fall near him.
(d) Runaway horses begin to stampede.

3. What causes the regiment to slow its advance against the Rebels?
(a) exhaustion
(b) orders from the lieutenant
(c) canon fire
(d) marshes

4. What surprises Henry about his head wound?
(a) It doesn't hurt as much as he thought it would.
(b) It is bleeding profusely.
(c) It has blurred his vision.
(d) It feels like he is going to die.

5. What do the men at the front of the unit do when they halt in some trees?
(a) start looking for a white flag
(b) drink water and rest a moment
(c) let the men ehind them come forward
(d) bow their heads and accept death

6. As the men of the regiment fight like wild animals, what happens suddenly?
(a) Henry loses his rifle.
(b) Henry loses the flag.
(c) The Rebels disappear.
(d) Canons start firing.

7. What does the regiment know of the military machinery behind their orders to charge the Rebels?
(a) nothing
(b) only when they will be relieved
(c) all the details
(d) exactly what the final plan is

8. Why must they charge the Rebels?
(a) They are surrounded.
(b) It is getting late in the day.
(c) They cannot retreat.
(d) It is their only hope.

9. Describe the man who helps Henry locate his regiment?
(a) He is young and idealistic.
(b) He is a cheery and kind old man.
(c) He is stern and judgmental.
(d) He is gruff and uncompromising.

10. What does the lieutenant order the complaining men to do?
(a) think good thoughts
(b) get some sleep
(c) start moving closer to the enemy
(d) be quiet and save their energy

11. After Henry plants the flag in the ground, what happens?
(a) The Rebel charge comes near enough for Henry to look them in the eye.
(b) Henry is shot but he refuses to fall.
(c) The regiment loses heart and waits to die.
(d) The regiment is uplifted by the sight of the flag and charges ahead.

12. Who does Henry hope to impress one day?
(a) the students at his old school
(b) his mother and the dark haired girl
(c) the people who live around his farm
(d) his mother and her pastor

13. What does Henry learn about other men in his regiment?
(a) They had stayed at the front the longest.
(b) They were ambushed and many of them killed.
(c) They, too, got separated and are returning.
(d) They had wanted to surrender.

14. After the charge, how do the men know they are safe?
(a) The battle noises are now far away.
(b) The birds return to the trees.
(c) They are ordered to return to the battalion.
(d) Scouts report that the Rebels have retreated.

15. As the Rebels bear down on them, how does Henry feel?
(a) like a hunted animal
(b) like a charging bull
(c) like a fly on a tree
(d) like a man with a purpose

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry rationalize his railing at nature while he was on the run?

2. What effect does the report of the lieutenant's chastisement have on the troops?

3. Coming to his senses, what does Henry realize?

4. What does a Major volunteer Henry's regiment to do?

5. Who is the friend that Henry notices has changed since he last saw him?

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