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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do some of the men move back frantically?
(a) fear of being killed outside of combat
(b) hurry to get medical attention
(c) anxous to find their friends
(d) looking for their lost weapons

2. After Henry's performance in the battle where he had to be called back to the line, how is Henry perceived by his peers?
(a) as a whirlwind
(b) as a deceiver
(c) as a coward
(d) as a war devil

3. After Henry plants the flag in the ground, what happens?
(a) The Rebel charge comes near enough for Henry to look them in the eye.
(b) The regiment is uplifted by the sight of the flag and charges ahead.
(c) The regiment loses heart and waits to die.
(d) Henry is shot but he refuses to fall.

4. What is Henry's resolve during the battle?
(a) to write everyting down
(b) to help the lieutenant
(c) not to move
(d) to look for escape

5. Once in position, what does Henry see?
(a) a row of Rebel canons aimed in his direction
(b) a long stretch of cleared wood with flashes of rifle fire
(c) a long clearing with sandbag walls on the far side
(d) a long stretch of burned out forest

6. Who is the friend that Henry notices has changed since he last saw him?
(a) the tall soldier
(b) the joking soldier
(c) the loud soldier
(d) the singing soldier

7. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?
(a) He runs to inform the lieutenant.
(b) He stands up and fires wildly.
(c) He runs into the trees to shoot whoever killed the flag bearer.
(d) He takes charge of carrying the flag.

8. After the charge, how do the men know they are safe?
(a) They are ordered to return to the battalion.
(b) Scouts report that the Rebels have retreated.
(c) The battle noises are now far away.
(d) The birds return to the trees.

9. What does his friend do to try and help Henry?
(a) check his bandage
(b) locate a rifle
(c) spoon feed him
(d) help him stand

10. What does Henry learn about other men in his regiment?
(a) They had wanted to surrender.
(b) They had stayed at the front the longest.
(c) They were ambushed and many of them killed.
(d) They, too, got separated and are returning.

11. What are the men doing in the forest as Henry nears his regiment?
(a) digging holes in the ground
(b) walking in circles
(c) getting ready to sleep
(d) looking for something to eat

12. When the Rebels charge them again, how does Henry now feel?
(a) afraid again
(b) confident
(c) indifferent
(d) alarmed

13. What is the sound Henry hears as he fixes his eyes on a clump of trees?
(a) the sound of laoding rigles
(b) the Rebel yell
(c) the song of birds
(d) a low, growling sound

14. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.
(a) He says his wound knocked him unconscious.
(b) He says a lieutenant sent him on an errand.
(c) He says he got separated and received a head wound.
(d) He says he was there all the time but no one saw him.

15. What angers Henry this time as the battle begins?
(a) that he had had no time to recuperate
(b) that the generals have not planned well
(c) that he does not have enough ammunition
(d) that the insects keep buzzing around

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do Henry and his friend tell what they have overheard?

2. When the colonel and other officers appear, what is he shouting?

3. Why must they charge the Rebels?

4. What begins happening all around Henry?

5. How does most of the regiment react to the news of their charge against the enemy?

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