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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the lieutenant order the complaining men to do?
(a) be quiet and save their energy
(b) get some sleep
(c) start moving closer to the enemy
(d) think good thoughts

2. Who does Henry conclude would never rage at nature?
(a) a man who doesn't think too much
(b) a man who never makes mistakes
(c) a man with a full stomach and self-respect
(d) a man who believes in God

3. What other secret do Henry and his friend share?
(a) that after the charge they will be sent home
(b) that they will all receive medals for the charge
(c) that they will get extra pay for the charge
(d) that not many of the regiment will survive the charge

4. What does Henry surmise as the men swarm toward where he is?
(a) that he had fallen asleep
(b) that he will be trampled
(c) that they are looking for him
(d) that the battle is lost

5. Who do Henry and his friend tell what they have overheard?
(a) their other friends in the regiment
(b) their lieutenant
(c) the medics
(d) their sergeant

6. What does his friend do to try and help Henry?
(a) help him stand
(b) spoon feed him
(c) locate a rifle
(d) check his bandage

7. When the orders come, where is Henry's regiment gong?
(a) back to base for more training
(b) to join other regiments about to charge the Rebels
(c) to circle around behind the Rebel army
(d) to relieve another regiment in the trenches

8. Why is Henry only watching the action in this latest battle?
(a) He is still carrying the flag.
(b) He has lost his weapon.
(c) He is paralyzed by fear.
(d) His head wound is bothering him.

9. After the charge, how do the men know they are safe?
(a) Scouts report that the Rebels have retreated.
(b) They are ordered to return to the battalion.
(c) The battle noises are now far away.
(d) The birds return to the trees.

10. What returns to Henry in his thoughts as he waits for orders?
(a) the dark haired girl at his school
(b) the peacefulness of his home
(c) wondering about his mother
(d) the mental and physical agonies he had suffered

11. What surprises Henry about his head wound?
(a) It is bleeding profusely.
(b) It has blurred his vision.
(c) It doesn't hurt as much as he thought it would.
(d) It feels like he is going to die.

12. Who is the officer who chastises the lieutenant?
(a) the one who carrys the battalion flag
(b) the one who lost his horse
(c) the one who advises the general
(d) the one who called them mule drivers

13. What dangerous undertaking does Henry do after the flag bearer is killed?
(a) He runs to inform the lieutenant.
(b) He runs into the trees to shoot whoever killed the flag bearer.
(c) He stands up and fires wildly.
(d) He takes charge of carrying the flag.

14. As the Rebels bear down on them, how does Henry feel?
(a) like a hunted animal
(b) like a fly on a tree
(c) like a man with a purpose
(d) like a charging bull

15. What happens when Henry asks one of the soldiers what is happening?
(a) He gets stabbed with a bayonet.
(b) He is told to shut up and run.
(c) He is cursed as a deserter.
(d) He gets hit in the head with a rifle butt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Henry's act of bravery?

2. What is Henry's resolve during the battle?

3. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?

4. How does Henry rationalize his railing at nature while he was on the run?

5. After Henry's performance in the battle where he had to be called back to the line, how is Henry perceived by his peers?

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