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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.
(a) He says he was there all the time but no one saw him.
(b) He says a lieutenant sent him on an errand.
(c) He says he got separated and received a head wound.
(d) He says his wound knocked him unconscious.

2. What other secret do Henry and his friend share?
(a) that they will get extra pay for the charge
(b) that they will all receive medals for the charge
(c) that not many of the regiment will survive the charge
(d) that after the charge they will be sent home

3. Where does Henry take refuge?
(a) behind a small tree
(b) behind a dead soldier
(c) in a cave
(d) under a wagon

4. Why do some of the men move back frantically?
(a) looking for their lost weapons
(b) hurry to get medical attention
(c) anxous to find their friends
(d) fear of being killed outside of combat

5. How does Henry feel about the enemy?
(a) that there are so many of them
(b) that they never seem to tire
(c) that they give up too easily
(d) that they are better shots than the Union soldiers

6. After Henry's performance in the battle where he had to be called back to the line, how is Henry perceived by his peers?
(a) as a coward
(b) as a whirlwind
(c) as a war devil
(d) as a deceiver

7. What does Henry recall while waiting for marching orders?
(a) the yellow envelope
(b) the corpses in the field
(c) Jim Conklin's death
(d) the dead soldier

8. What do the men at the front of the unit do when they halt in some trees?
(a) drink water and rest a moment
(b) start looking for a white flag
(c) bow their heads and accept death
(d) let the men ehind them come forward

9. What is Henry advised to avoid putting pressure on his head wound?
(a) not to go to sleep
(b) not to bump his head on a tree limb
(c) not to touch the bandage
(d) not to talk or yell

10. What do Henry and his friend succeed in doing?
(a) killing the enemy colonel
(b) setting fire to the enemy flag
(c) taking the enemy flag
(d) keeping their flag behind the lines

11. What causes the regiment to slow its advance against the Rebels?
(a) exhaustion
(b) marshes
(c) canon fire
(d) orders from the lieutenant

12. What does Henry surmise as the men swarm toward where he is?
(a) that the battle is lost
(b) that he will be trampled
(c) that they are looking for him
(d) that he had fallen asleep

13. What does a Major volunteer Henry's regiment to do?
(a) ambush the Rebels from behind
(b) charge the enemy
(c) return to base
(d) collect the bodies of the fallen

14. What does Henry imagine himself doing sometime in the future?
(a) telling his stories by candlelight in a parlor
(b) writing a book about his adventures
(c) lecturing young men on going to war
(d) training young soldiers in rifle shooting

15. Who is the officer who chastises the lieutenant?
(a) the one who carrys the battalion flag
(b) the one who advises the general
(c) the one who called them mule drivers
(d) the one who lost his horse

Short Answer Questions

1. What returns to Henry in his thoughts as he waits for orders?

2. What seems to be happening to Henry's perception as the shooting starts?

3. Once in position, what does Henry see?

4. What begins happening all around Henry?

5. What conversation do the men have about the officer who called them mule drivers?

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