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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Henry see his current suffering?
(a) as an accident of nature
(b) as a burden that he sould not have to bear
(c) as being fair because he is a coward
(d) as having followed the course nature laid out for him

2. How are the troops feeling as they are still on the move?
(a) They have high hopes of reaching the front.
(b) They can march like this for hours without resting.
(c) They are happy and singing.
(d) The heat and fatigue are overwhelming,

3. Why does the lieutenant hold his hand away from his body?
(a) so the blood wouldn't drip on his pants
(b) so the men will turn left
(c) so everyone can see his wound
(d) so he can grab his pistol quickly

4. What warning does Henry's mother give her son?
(a) to wash behind his ears
(b) to watch the company he keeps
(c) to stay behind the lines
(d) to be careful what he eats

5. How is Henry shooting and reloading as the Rebels arrive?
(a) like a machine
(b) clumsily
(c) not very methodically
(d) very slowly

6. How does Henry picture the advancing Rebels?
(a) as a red and green dragon
(b) as a swarm of bees
(c) as an advancing freight train
(d) as a great cloud of thunder

7. As the noise of the battle grows louder, what does Henry see that confuses him?
(a) a chance to slip back in unnoticed
(b) the Rebels being pushed back
(c) fewer wounded
(d) men leaving the battlefield

8. What does the tattered man say about wounds you cannot see?
(a) that they are usually fatal
(b) that they don't leave a scar
(c) that they don't usually amount to much
(d) that often they are the worst ones

9. What makes it difficult for them to make out anything in front of them?
(a) the smoke
(b) the rain
(c) the fog
(d) the darkness

10. What is Henry's first impulse as he watches the battle?
(a) to give up and go home
(b) to wound himself
(c) to return and fight
(d) to kill himself

11. What question begins to disturb Henry before he goes to battle?
(a) how he will take cover
(b) whether he can shoot a rifle
(c) if he will run
(d) why he enlisted

12. How does he think men perceive him?
(a) as a piece of trash
(b) as a greased pig
(c) as a worm in an apple
(d) as a mindless monkey

13. What is the feeling among the regiment?
(a) The Rebels will be defeated in no time.
(b) The Union soldiers will all be massacred.
(c) They will have to fight on empty stomachs today.
(d) The battle will take weeks.

14. What does Henry see his mother doing as he turns to look back?
(a) waving good-bye
(b) praying and quivering
(c) washing clothes
(d) hitching up the plow horse

15. What does Henry think the lieutenant is lacking?
(a) a plan of attack
(b) his horse
(c) a loaded rifle
(d) any appreciation for fine minds

Short Answer Questions

1. What rumor passing through the regiment begins the novel?

2. What is the pipe smoking friend's reply when Henry asks if he might run away from battle?

3. What would Henry like to find by looking into the eyes of a corpse?

4. As a victim of nature, what does Henry feel he is being denied?

5. Running down the road, what is Henry trying to do?

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