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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Henry's last view of the tattered man?
(a) falling on his face in the road
(b) headed back the wrong way
(c) falling under the wheels of a caisson
(d) walking aimlessly in a field

2. How does Henry picture the advancing Rebels?
(a) as an advancing freight train
(b) as a red and green dragon
(c) as a great cloud of thunder
(d) as a swarm of bees

3. Where does Henry go to collect his thoughts?
(a) to the camp chaplain
(b) away from camp to lie in the grass
(c) into his tent
(d) down by a stream

4. How are Henry's comrades behaving in the face of imminent warfare?
(a) They keep to themselves like Henry.
(b) They tell stoies about their bravery.
(c) They give off airs of being fearless.
(d) They refuse to think about it.

5. As a victim of nature, what does Henry feel he is being denied?
(a) opportunity
(b) justice
(c) pity
(d) commendation

6. What results from the order to move?
(a) They march for hours and set up another camp.
(b) They march into an ambush.
(c) They march into Washington for a parade.
(d) They march several miles and return to camp.

7. When Henry meets up with a wounded man, what does the man want to know?
(a) where he can find some water
(b) where he left his rifle
(c) where he was wounded
(d) what time it is

8. What destroys Henry's rationalization about nature prompting him to run?
(a) a squirrel being eaten by a stray cat
(b) a rainstorm that comes up suddenly
(c) some wounded soldiers rejoicing over the victory
(d) the sight of the dead man with the ants crawling over his skin

9. What warning does Henry's mother give her son?
(a) to stay behind the lines
(b) to wash behind his ears
(c) to watch the company he keeps
(d) to be careful what he eats

10. What does Henry first blame for his guilty condition?
(a) the generals
(b) the man in front of him who ran
(c) consequences
(d) circumstances

11. What does Henry's mother do for him before he leaves?
(a) cuts his hair
(b) brushes his uniform
(c) bakes him some cookies
(d) knits him some socks

12. What do some of the soldiers do to make marching easier?
(a) whistle
(b) shed their knapsacks
(c) hold hands
(d) make jokes

13. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?
(a) He doesn't have time to use a handkerchief.
(b) Tree bark popped into his eye.
(c) He doesn't believe what he is seeing.
(d) Sweat is running into his eyes.

14. What would Henry like to find by looking into the eyes of a corpse?
(a) if he is still alive
(b) if the soldier had any pain
(c) if he is a yankee or a rebel
(d) the answer to his big question

15. What are all the men doing after the battle?
(a) keeping quiet
(b) bragging
(c) thanking God
(d) making small talk

Short Answer Questions

1. As the noise of the battle grows louder, what does Henry see that confuses him?

2. When they stop running, what do the men begin to build?

3. What amazes Henry after the Rebels retreat?

4. What is the feeling among the regiment?

5. Who catches up to Henry after Jim Conklin dies?

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