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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are all the men doing after the battle?
(a) thanking God
(b) making small talk
(c) bragging
(d) keeping quiet

2. What happens to Henry physically as he marches on toward the battle?
(a) He becomes nauseated.
(b) He falls and breaks an arm.
(c) He trips over a dead soldier.
(d) He aches from pain, thirst, and hunger.

3. Why has Henry delayed so many times from enlisting in the army?
(a) because of his fear
(b) because of his age
(c) because of his mother
(d) because of his dreams

4. When they stop running, what do the men begin to build?
(a) log cabins for the officers
(b) small fires to keep warm
(c) little hills out of anything they can find
(d) walls around their new camp

5. Who impresses Henry when he stops by the school to say good-bye?
(a) the mayor of the town
(b) the school master
(c) the boys on the playground
(d) a dark haired girl

6. What puts Henry to sleep the first night in the new camp?
(a) reflections of fire on the wall of his tent
(b) a soldier playing a harmonica
(c) the voices of men gathered around a fire
(d) exhaustion from the day's march

7. What does Henry first blame for his guilty condition?
(a) the man in front of him who ran
(b) the generals
(c) circumstances
(d) consequences

8. What does Henry's mother do for him before he leaves?
(a) brushes his uniform
(b) bakes him some cookies
(c) knits him some socks
(d) cuts his hair

9. Who catches up to Henry after Jim Conklin dies?
(a) the general
(b) the tattered man
(c) the field doctor
(d) the lieutenant

10. Why is Henry ordered to get Jim off the road?
(a) A battery is approaching.
(b) He is walking too slow.
(c) There are holes in the road.
(d) Snipers may shoot him.

11. How does Henry begin to feel about the battle he had been in?
(a) that it was only a minor incident
(b) that it was far more dnagerous than what he ran from
(c) that he had not understood the danger
(d) that it had all been a dream

12. At twilight after running aimlessly in the woods, what sound does Henry hear?
(a) the sound of cattle returning to their barns
(b) the sound of singing and dnacing
(c) the sound of resuming battle
(d) the sound of squirrels chattering in the trees

13. What does one young man of the battalion do at the first volley?
(a) He stands up.
(b) He vomits.
(c) He runs.
(d) He covers his head with both hands.

14. What does the tattered man say about wounds you cannot see?
(a) that they don't leave a scar
(b) that they are usually fatal
(c) that they don't usually amount to much
(d) that often they are the worst ones

15. What does it feel like to Henry as he waits for the Rebels to charge?
(a) like waiting for a parade to start when the circus comes to his village
(b) like what he imagines the judgment day is like
(c) like being buried alive
(d) like suffocating in a vat of oil

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry know that the Union forces had won this second battle?

2. What question begins to disturb Henry before he goes to battle?

3. Where does Henry go to collect his thoughts?

4. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?

5. What happens the morning after the rumor of going to war was circulated around the regiment?

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