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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who catches up to Henry after Jim Conklin dies?
(a) the lieutenant
(b) the tattered man
(c) the field doctor
(d) the general

2. What immobilizes Henry to prevent him for seeking out his regiment?
(a) He cannot imagine how to find his regiment in all the confusion.
(b) He cannot make up his mind that he really wants to return.
(c) He cannot come up with a good story about where he has been.
(d) He no longer has a rifle and cannot go into battle to fight with his hands.

3. What does Henry first blame for his guilty condition?
(a) the generals
(b) the man in front of him who ran
(c) consequences
(d) circumstances

4. What does the tattered man say about wounds you cannot see?
(a) that they are usually fatal
(b) that often they are the worst ones
(c) that they don't usually amount to much
(d) that they don't leave a scar

5. Where is Henry's regiment the morning he expects to be his first battle?
(a) near a small Southern village
(b) on the banks of a river
(c) on an open field
(d) among the trees at the edge of a grove

6. How does he think men perceive him?
(a) as a piece of trash
(b) as a mindless monkey
(c) as a greased pig
(d) as a worm in an apple

7. Who does Henry meet up with as he walks with the wounded?
(a) the pipe smoking comrade
(b) the general he saw on a horse
(c) the lieutenant with the wounded hand
(d) Jim, from his regiment

8. As a boy, how had Henry imagined himself ?
(a) as a school teacher
(b) as a politician
(c) as a gentleman farmer
(d) as a hero in wars

9. How does Henry begin to imagine himself?
(a) as a leader to end all wars
(b) becoming a wise general
(c) receiving a special commendation
(d) lying dead on a battlefield

10. What makes Henry believe that at last his chance to prove himself has come?
(a) Many officers ride into camp from the front.
(b) Extra firing practice is ordered.
(c) The regiment is ordered to move.
(d) Sounds of battle get near the camp.

11. How does Henry regard himself in comparison to the ones who stayed to fight?
(a) as being more stupid than his comrades
(b) as physically weaker than the ones who stayed
(c) as having superior intellect
(d) as being more of a hero than they

12. What does Henry realize about the tattered man?
(a) that he is simply lonely
(b) that he is faking his wounds
(c) that he, too, is about to die
(d) that he does not suspect Henry

13. Running down the road, what is Henry trying to do?
(a) to keep up with the other men
(b) to load his rifle
(c) to keep his head down
(d) to find out what is happening

14. What is Henry's reply when the tattered man asks again about his wounds?
(a) that he doesn't want to talk about it
(b) that his wound is under his shirt and the bandages stopped the bleeding
(c) that his wound is a broken hand that cannot fire a gun
(d) that he was knocked unconscious and his head hurts

15. What results from the order to move?
(a) They march into an ambush.
(b) They march several miles and return to camp.
(c) They march into Washington for a parade.
(d) They march for hours and set up another camp.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Henry's comrades behaving in the face of imminent warfare?

2. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?

3. What does Henry see his mother doing as he turns to look back?

4. What becomes Henry's grandiose image of himself?

5. How does Henry picture the advancing Rebels?

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