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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry feel at times about the wounded men?
(a) hate
(b) confusion
(c) revulsion
(d) envy

2. What does Henry's mother do for him before he leaves?
(a) brushes his uniform
(b) knits him some socks
(c) bakes him some cookies
(d) cuts his hair

3. What question is Henry's first rationalization for his having run away?
(a) Didn't he stay close enough that no one would notice him?
(b) Hadn't the lieutenant ordered him to drop back?
(c) Weren't there a lot of others who had run before he did?
(d) Wasn't saving himself the same as saving a piece of the army?

4. What warning does Henry's mother give her son?
(a) to watch the company he keeps
(b) to be careful what he eats
(c) to stay behind the lines
(d) to wash behind his ears

5. When they stop running, what do the men begin to build?
(a) log cabins for the officers
(b) small fires to keep warm
(c) walls around their new camp
(d) little hills out of anything they can find

6. What does Henry realize about the tattered man?
(a) that he, too, is about to die
(b) that he does not suspect Henry
(c) that he is simply lonely
(d) that he is faking his wounds

7. How are Henry's comrades behaving in the face of imminent warfare?
(a) They keep to themselves like Henry.
(b) They refuse to think about it.
(c) They give off airs of being fearless.
(d) They tell stoies about their bravery.

8. What is Henry's reply when the tattered man asks again about his wounds?
(a) that he doesn't want to talk about it
(b) that his wound is a broken hand that cannot fire a gun
(c) that his wound is under his shirt and the bandages stopped the bleeding
(d) that he was knocked unconscious and his head hurts

9. What awakens Henry one morning?
(a) a fire in the camp
(b) an explosion
(c) a kick in the leg
(d) a bugle

10. How does the whole scene appear to Henry?
(a) terrifying
(b) super realistic
(c) dreamlike
(d) common place

11. What rumor passing through the regiment begins the novel?
(a) that the war is over
(b) that Lincoln has been shot
(c) that Rebs have surrounded the camp
(d) that they will fight tomorrow

12. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?
(a) Tree bark popped into his eye.
(b) He doesn't believe what he is seeing.
(c) He doesn't have time to use a handkerchief.
(d) Sweat is running into his eyes.

13. What makes Henry believe that at last his chance to prove himself has come?
(a) Sounds of battle get near the camp.
(b) Extra firing practice is ordered.
(c) The regiment is ordered to move.
(d) Many officers ride into camp from the front.

14. What describes the noises Henry hears coming from the Rebels?
(a) songs and drum beats
(b) pipes and harmonicas
(c) snarls, prayers, and cheers
(d) curses and cries of pain

15. What is Henry's initial reaction to the results of his first battle?
(a) He wishes for a way to go home.
(b) He wishes he had run away.
(c) He congratualtes himself on coming through it.
(d) He is in a daze and cannot think.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is distant and surreal in Henry's mind?

2. What are all the men doing after the battle?

3. Against whom does Henry develop a particular anger?

4. How does he think men perceive him?

5. Who does Henry meet up with as he walks with the wounded?

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