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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when a huge swarm of soldiers retreats with stragglers heading every which way?
(a) the sun sets
(b) the fog lifts
(c) they move to replace them
(d) their tones change

2. How does Henry's question about his bravery continue?
(a) He makes a joke of the idea.
(b) He puts it all out of his mind.
(c) He has terrible dreams of running away.
(d) He tries to calculate the odds of his running away.

3. Climbing over a fence, what does Henry discover?
(a) a field of tall corn he can hide in
(b) the ground littered with the bodies of the dead and wounded
(c) a small group of other deserters
(d) a cow he can milk to get something to fill his stomach

4. What does Henry see on the faces of sleeping soldiers?
(a) weariness
(b) anguish
(c) fear
(d) relief

5. What immobilizes Henry to prevent him for seeking out his regiment?
(a) He cannot imagine how to find his regiment in all the confusion.
(b) He no longer has a rifle and cannot go into battle to fight with his hands.
(c) He cannot come up with a good story about where he has been.
(d) He cannot make up his mind that he really wants to return.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry realize about the tattered man?

2. What happens to Henry physically as he marches on toward the battle?

3. As the noise of the battle grows louder, what does Henry see that confuses him?

4. Who catches up to Henry after Jim Conklin dies?

5. What warning does Henry's mother give her son?

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