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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.
(a) He says a lieutenant sent him on an errand.
(b) He says he was there all the time but no one saw him.
(c) He says he got separated and received a head wound.
(d) He says his wound knocked him unconscious.

2. How does Henry begin to imagine himself?
(a) lying dead on a battlefield
(b) receiving a special commendation
(c) as a leader to end all wars
(d) becoming a wise general

3. As a boy, how had Henry imagined himself ?
(a) as a school teacher
(b) as a politician
(c) as a hero in wars
(d) as a gentleman farmer

4. What does Henry recall while waiting for marching orders?
(a) the corpses in the field
(b) the yellow envelope
(c) the dead soldier
(d) Jim Conklin's death

5. What does Henry think the lieutenant is lacking?
(a) a loaded rifle
(b) his horse
(c) a plan of attack
(d) any appreciation for fine minds

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?

2. In the charge, what gives Henry momentum to keep going?

3. How are the troops feeling as they are still on the move?

4. Who catches up to Henry after Jim Conklin dies?

5. How are Henry's comrades behaving in the face of imminent warfare?

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