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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XVII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What returns to Henry in his thoughts as he waits for orders?
(a) the dark haired girl at his school
(b) the peacefulness of his home
(c) the mental and physical agonies he had suffered
(d) wondering about his mother

2. What are all the men doing after the battle?
(a) bragging
(b) thanking God
(c) keeping quiet
(d) making small talk

3. What makes it difficult for them to make out anything in front of them?
(a) the smoke
(b) the darkness
(c) the fog
(d) the rain

4. When they stop running, what do the men begin to build?
(a) walls around their new camp
(b) little hills out of anything they can find
(c) small fires to keep warm
(d) log cabins for the officers

5. What does Henry's friend reply to his offer to help him walk?
(a) Help me sit down.
(b) Thanks, my friend.
(c) Others need help more than me.
(d) Leave me be.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?

2. How does Henry explain his absence from the regiment.

3. How does Henry begin to imagine himself?

4. What new fear rises in Henry as the result of the tattered man's question about his wounds?

5. What is distant and surreal in Henry's mind?

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