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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XVII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What would Henry like to find by looking into the eyes of a corpse?
(a) if the soldier had any pain
(b) if he is a yankee or a rebel
(c) if he is still alive
(d) the answer to his big question

2. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?
(a) conklin
(b) the lieutenant
(c) the sergeant
(d) Wilson

3. What is Henry's last view of the tattered man?
(a) walking aimlessly in a field
(b) falling under the wheels of a caisson
(c) falling on his face in the road
(d) headed back the wrong way

4. What does Henry realize about the tattered man?
(a) that he, too, is about to die
(b) that he is simply lonely
(c) that he does not suspect Henry
(d) that he is faking his wounds

5. How does Henry begin to imagine himself?
(a) lying dead on a battlefield
(b) becoming a wise general
(c) as a leader to end all wars
(d) receiving a special commendation

Short Answer Questions

1. As a boy, how had Henry imagined himself ?

2. How does Henry know that the Union forces had won this second battle?

3. After the pipe smoking friend leaves Henry, how does he feel?

4. When Henry meets up with a wounded man, what does the man want to know?

5. How does Henry see his current suffering?

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