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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unexpected action does Henry take?
(a) He runs deeper into the woods.
(b) He starts running toward the battle sounds.
(c) He circles around to get near the Rebel army.
(d) He climbs a tree to wait for the battle to come to him.

2. What is Henry's first impulse as he watches the battle?
(a) to wound himself
(b) to return and fight
(c) to kill himself
(d) to give up and go home

3. What awakens Henry one morning?
(a) a fire in the camp
(b) a kick in the leg
(c) a bugle
(d) an explosion

4. How is the horror personified among Henry's regiment?
(a) Comrades falling dead in front of them
(b) Blood dripping from the returning soldiers
(c) Officers cursing the twist of fate
(d) Panic among the officers

5. What brings Henry out of his stupor?
(a) The lieutenant kicks him.
(b) A bullet whizzes by his head.
(c) He hears the Rebel war cry.
(d) Someone cries out that the enemy is coming.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the regiment treated on the way to Washington?

2. Who does Henry meet up with as he walks with the wounded?

3. How does Henry's question about his bravery continue?

4. How does Henry picture the advancing Rebels?

5. What makes Henry believe that at last his chance to prove himself has come?

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