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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What amazes Henry after the Rebels retreat?
(a) that the sky is still blue
(b) that he cannot stand up
(c) that he is still alive
(d) that his ears are still ringing

2. What does one young man of the battalion do at the first volley?
(a) He vomits.
(b) He runs.
(c) He covers his head with both hands.
(d) He stands up.

3. What describes the noises Henry hears coming from the Rebels?
(a) pipes and harmonicas
(b) snarls, prayers, and cheers
(c) curses and cries of pain
(d) songs and drum beats

4. Who does Henry meet up with as he walks with the wounded?
(a) the general he saw on a horse
(b) the pipe smoking comrade
(c) Jim, from his regiment
(d) the lieutenant with the wounded hand

5. How does Henry first feel when he realizes that the Union has won the second battle?
(a) afraid of what will happen to him now
(b) confused and disbelieving
(c) elated
(d) betrayed in a way

Short Answer Questions

1. What sudden event takes place after the first retreat of the Rebels?

2. How does Henry describe Jim's wounds?

3. What happens when Henry sees a man in front of him drop his rifle and run away?

4. What rumor passing through the regiment begins the novel?

5. At twilight after running aimlessly in the woods, what sound does Henry hear?

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