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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Henry sees a man in front of him drop his rifle and run away?
(a) He yells for the lieutenant.
(b) He takes a bullet in the arm.
(c) He shoots the man in the back.
(d) He panics and runs too.

2. How are Henry's comrades behaving in the face of imminent warfare?
(a) They tell stoies about their bravery.
(b) They give off airs of being fearless.
(c) They keep to themselves like Henry.
(d) They refuse to think about it.

3. Why does Henry wipe his eyes with his coat sleeve?
(a) He doesn't have time to use a handkerchief.
(b) Tree bark popped into his eye.
(c) He doesn't believe what he is seeing.
(d) Sweat is running into his eyes.

4. What amazes Henry after the Rebels retreat?
(a) that he cannot stand up
(b) that his ears are still ringing
(c) that he is still alive
(d) that the sky is still blue

5. Where is Henry's regiment the morning he expects to be his first battle?
(a) on an open field
(b) among the trees at the edge of a grove
(c) on the banks of a river
(d) near a small Southern village

Short Answer Questions

1. As the Union soldiers get back into position, what is happening?

2. What makes Henry believe that at last his chance to prove himself has come?

3. What do some of the soldiers do to make marching easier?

4. What makes it difficult for them to make out anything in front of them?

5. What puts Henry to sleep the first night in the new camp?

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