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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XIV.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry's friend reply to his offer to help him walk?
(a) Thanks, my friend.
(b) Leave me be.
(c) Help me sit down.
(d) Others need help more than me.

2. Instinctively, what does Henry feel about the future?
(a) He will have to live in exile.
(b) He will work his way out of his predicament.
(c) He is hopelessly lost.
(d) His mother will not welcome him home.

3. What is Henry's initial reaction to the results of his first battle?
(a) He is in a daze and cannot think.
(b) He wishes he had run away.
(c) He congratualtes himself on coming through it.
(d) He wishes for a way to go home.

4. As the Union soldiers get back into position, what is happening?
(a) The earth is shaking underneat them.
(b) Bullets are flying, shearing off blades of grass.
(c) Fire breaks out behind them.
(d) Bugles are sounding loudly.

5. What is Henry advised to avoid putting pressure on his head wound?
(a) not to talk or yell
(b) not to bump his head on a tree limb
(c) not to go to sleep
(d) not to touch the bandage

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Henry spot as he approaches his regiment?

2. How does Henry describe Jim's wounds?

3. What does Henry see that is his first encounter with the reality of war?

4. Why is Henry ordered to get Jim off the road?

5. What does Henry see on the faces of sleeping soldiers?

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