The Red Badge of Courage Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. What rumor passing through the regiment begins the novel?
(a) that the war is over
(b) that Lincoln has been shot
(c) that Rebs have surrounded the camp
(d) that they will fight tomorrow

2. As a boy, how had Henry imagined himself ?
(a) as a gentleman farmer
(b) as a school teacher
(c) as a hero in wars
(d) as a politician

3. What is distant and surreal in Henry's mind?
(a) that officers hold his life in their hands
(b) that things go on as usual back at home
(c) that the war happens in his own country
(d) that political differences can start a war

4. Why has Henry delayed so many times from enlisting in the army?
(a) because of his fear
(b) because of his mother
(c) because of his dreams
(d) because of his age

5. Where does Henry's mother think he could be put to better use than in the army?
(a) in a schoolroom
(b) in the navy
(c) on the farm
(d) as a postman

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