Daily Lessons for Teaching The Red Badge of Courage

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter I)


Chapter I

The student will take notes on background information including the author, how Crane's manuscript was altered for publication, and some history of the Civil War.

The student will define and discuss how and why rumor runs through the camp that has been idle for a long time.


Classroom activity:

1. The teacher gives the class background information on Stephen Crane and the publication of his novel. Following that, the teacher will lead a Q&A period to find out what the students know about the American Civil War. That is followed by a summary of the important facts that affect the central character in the novel.

2. Read aloud in class the section where the tall soldier spreads a rumor in the camp. Have the students point out how the rumor is reported to have started. Compare that process to rumors in general. Have the...

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