The Red Badge of Courage Character Descriptions

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Henry Fleming

A naive, young farm boy from New York state whose dreams of glorious battle lead him to sign up in the Union Army against his mother's wishes.

Cheery Soldier

Henry's unidentified, strangely lighthearted guide back to his regiment.

Jim Conklin

The tall soldier, as he is described by Crane, is more realistic about war than Henry.

Ma Fleming

Henry's mother who offers homespun advice to her boy as he goes to war.

Lt. Hasbrouck

He is depicted as an ideal military man encouraging his soldiers to behave correctly in battle and praising them for their bravery.

Jimmie Rogers

Soldier shot through the body screaming for help but unheard over the noise of battle.


Men in this novel who are viewed as arrogant and insensitive.

Tall Soldier

A common description of Jim Conklin who later takes a mortal wound in the side.


The group of...

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