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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Edwards and his men are supposed to hike about two hundred miles. How long is their journey supposed to last?
(a) Two months.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Ten days.
(d) A month.

2. Toland observes that the Allied forces are capable of beating the Russians, but they must be able to do what first?
(a) Locate them.
(b) Cooperate with other countries.
(c) Buy more missiles.
(d) Intimidate them.

3. What causes the Russians to begin searching for Edwards and his men after the American attack on the Keflavik air base?
(a) They believe someone is feeding information to the Americans.
(b) Edwards and his men were spotted while trying to signal for help.
(c) A Russian patrol found their footprints near their hiding place.
(d) They saw Edwards and his men when they left their original hiding place.

4. In Chapters 35-39, McCafferty scores a hit by sinking which vessel?
(a) The Turtle.
(b) The Nautilus.
(c) The Foxtrot.
(d) The Triton.

5. What is the full name of the captain of the Battleaxe?
(a) Jacob Harrison.
(b) Robert Paulson.
(c) Doug Perrin.
(d) Nick D'Onofrio.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the Pharris, Morris realizes that the loss of the Keflavik air base is more significant than he once anticipated. Why?

2. Edwards notes that Vigdis does not complain about having to move about in hostile territory. Why is this especially significant?

3. What do Alekeseyev and Sergetov conclude about the Russian offensive in Germany?

4. Before Morris sails from New York Harbor, he is joined by a reporter. What is the reporter's name?

5. Morris and his new crew work with another ship to sink an enemy submarine. What is the other ship's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Morris react when Calloway, an American reporter, sails with Morris's crew?

2. Why does Morris treat the captured Russian sailors so well?

3. Describe the after-effects of the Allies' defensive maneuver they call "Doolittle."

4. Why is Edwards berated after the incident at the farmhouse?

5. What contributes to Edwards's decision to relocate his men a second time?

6. What does Sergetov's son say when his father questions him about the war?

7. Explain how all reports given to the Politburo are divided and organized.

8. Describe Edwards's and his men's actions when they realize they have been spotted by Russian forces.

9. What prompts Sergetov to ask Georgiyevich if the war is a mistake?

10. How does Morris respond when the Battleaxe asks, "What the Devil is a Ruben James?"

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