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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is O'Malley worried about Morris's ability to captain the Ruben James?
(a) Morris says that he is tired of being in command and wishes to return to port.
(b) O'Mally believes that Morris is too inexperienced to captain such a large ship.
(c) He lost men on the Pharris, and may find returning to command too stressful.
(d) Morris is disliked by the other men on the ship.

2. Toland observes that the Allied forces are capable of beating the Russians, but they must be able to do what first?
(a) Locate them.
(b) Intimidate them.
(c) Cooperate with other countries.
(d) Buy more missiles.

3. Edwards and his group are supposed to reach a nearby mountain where they hope to be picked up. What are they supposed to do once they reach their destination?
(a) Signal a helicopter to come pick them up.
(b) Take cover and await further orders.
(c) Report everything that they see to their command.
(d) Make camp and prepare to march again the next day.

4. What is the name of the girl Edwards and his men take with them when they leave the village?
(a) Elena.
(b) Katia.
(c) Vigdis.
(d) Helena.

5. When McCafferty fires upon the Russian convoy, he saves a submarine crew from which country?
(a) Iceland.
(b) The Ukraine.
(c) Norway.
(d) He didn't save a submarine crew.

Short Answer Questions

1. What British town houses the USS Nimitz while it is repaired and prepared for service?

2. In this section of the book, Sergetov questions a Russian soldier who has returned from the front. How is the soldier related to him?

3. After Russians sink both submarines that are traveling with the Chicago, what country's submarine contacts the Chicago and asks them if they are alone?

4. What kind of submarine does Morris and the other ship sink?

5. What new job is Morris given once he is back in the States?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Edwards's and his men's actions when they realize they have been spotted by Russian forces.

2. How does O'Malley react after he sinks his first submarine?

3. What does O'Malley say is significant about the military's refusal to use the word "killing"?

4. Give an example of a character who is concerned about Morris's ability to captain the Ruben James. Why is the character concerned?

5. Why is Vigdis's pregnancy not unusual in Icelandic society?

6. Explain how all reports given to the Politburo are divided and organized.

7. Why is Edwards berated after the incident at the farmhouse?

8. What honors does Morris receive once he reaches Norfolk?

9. Do the crews of the Ruben James and the Battleaxe get along?

10. When Alekeseyev and Sergetov discuss the offensive in Germany, do they decide that the war is going well, or that it is going poorly?

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