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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before O'Malley sank the submarine, what role did he play as a helicopter pilot?
(a) He did only search and rescue.
(b) He only flew supplies for the military.
(c) He flew medical helicopters.
(d) He did only intelligence and surveillance.

2. An American soldier and Major Chapeyev are shot down in the same area, and Chapeyev attempts to take the American captive. What does the American ask the Chapeyev that dissuades him from doing so?
(a) He asks the Russian if he has enough shark repellent.
(b) He asks the Russian if captives really matter at sea.
(c) He asks the Russian to share his water with him.
(d) He asks the Russian if he can really bear to kill him in cold blood.

3. Who is the Russian Central Committee member who explains to Sergetov how the Politburo organizes reports?
(a) Henrik Georgiyevich.
(b) Boris Georgiyevich.
(c) Dmitry Medvedev.
(d) Georg Udovitsky.

4. While the Russian soldiers are looking for Edwards and his men, what happens to distract them?
(a) They are faced with an angry mob of locals.
(b) They are attacked by Allied planes.
(c) They find and shoot a deer.
(d) They recieve orders to relocate to a different part of the country.

5. What important thing does Edwards tell Vigdis about his feelings toward her before they are rescued?
(a) He tells her that he views her as a sister.
(b) He tells her that she reminds him of his girlfriend.
(c) He tells her that he has to leave the country without her.
(d) He tells her that he loves her.

6. The men that escape the sunken submarine are captured and taken on board the Pharris. How are they treated?
(a) They are well cared for, but they are separated from the rest of the crew.
(b) They are locked in a store room and given minimal food and water.
(c) They are tortured for information.
(d) They are executed.

7. When Edward and Vigdis encounter an enemy helicopter, how do they avoid detection?
(a) They hide in the reeds on the riverbank.
(b) They dive into the river..
(c) They pretend to be village fishermen.
(d) They pose as a young, romantic couple.

8. After Russians sink both submarines that are traveling with the Chicago, what country's submarine contacts the Chicago and asks them if they are alone?
(a) America.
(b) Germany.
(c) Britain.
(d) Russia.

9. What honor does Morris receive once he is back on American soil?
(a) He is thanked by the military for his work as a spy.
(b) He receives recognition for his efforts on the Pharris.
(c) He is promoted within the military.
(d) A family thanks him for fighting for his country.

10. What is the full name of the captain of the Battleaxe?
(a) Doug Perrin.
(b) Robert Paulson.
(c) Nick D'Onofrio.
(d) Jacob Harrison.

11. Terry Mackell has great success locating tanks with what kind of instrument?
(a) Antennae.
(b) Satellites.
(c) Radar.
(d) Sonar.

12. What British town houses the USS Nimitz while it is repaired and prepared for service?
(a) Glasgow.
(b) Cornwall.
(c) London.
(d) Southampton.

13. Morris and his new crew work with another ship to sink an enemy submarine. What is the other ship's name?
(a) The Man O' War.
(b) The Audie Murphy.
(c) The Battleaxe.
(d) The Harpie.

14. What happens to the Pharris in chapter 27?
(a) It hits an underwater mine.
(b) It runs aground on a sand bar.
(c) It's bombed by a Russian fighter pilot.
(d) It's hit by a torpedo.

15. What was Edward's girlfriend's name?
(a) Grace.
(b) Carrie.
(c) Amanda.
(d) Sandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. After McCafferty arrives in Scotland, what does he discover about his skirmish with the Russian convoy?

2. What happened to O'Malley that makes him relate to Morris's grief about the death of his men?

3. What is unusual about McCafferty's kill in chapters 35-39?

4. Why does O'Malley, a member of Morris' crew, offer the credit for the submarine kill to the other ship?

5. When the Russians discover the soldiers Edwards's group killed at the farmhouse, what do they decide to do?

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