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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Morris do to gain information from the Russian prisoners about the whereabouts of other vessels?
(a) He tries to convince the Russians to cooperate.
(b) He tortures them for information.
(c) He witholds food and water until they tell him where other ships are located.
(d) He gives the Russians liquor and bugs their rooms.

2. Why is O'Malley worried about Morris's ability to captain the Ruben James?
(a) O'Mally believes that Morris is too inexperienced to captain such a large ship.
(b) He lost men on the Pharris, and may find returning to command too stressful.
(c) Morris says that he is tired of being in command and wishes to return to port.
(d) Morris is disliked by the other men on the ship.

3. What causes a Russian soldier to locate Edwards and his men on the mountain?
(a) The Russian soldier comes across them on a routine patrol.
(b) The Russian soldier finds them on the air base's radar.
(c) The Russian soldier sees a repeated flash of light.
(d) The Russian soldier sees them as he flies a helicopter near the mountain.

4. What kind of submarine does Morris and the other ship sink?
(a) An internal-combustion submarine.
(b) An oil-powered submarine.
(c) A coal-burning submarine.
(d) A nuclear submarine.

5. On the Pharris, Morris realizes that the loss of the Keflavik air base is more significant than he once anticipated. Why?
(a) It means that the Navy can not contact their ships at sea.
(b) It allows the Russians to attack both by air and by sea.
(c) It means the Navy can not use any air planes.
(d) It allows the Russians to bring in reinforcements.

6. What was Edward's girlfriend's name?
(a) Carrie.
(b) Amanda.
(c) Sandy.
(d) Grace.

7. When Calloway interviews O'Malley about sinking the submarine, what does O'Malley point out about the American military?
(a) The Russians fired on the Americans first.
(b) That Calloway can not understand combat because he's a civilian.
(c) The military never takes joy in sinking enemy vessels.
(d) The military never uses the word "killing."

8. What happens to the farmhouse after Edwards and his men dispose of the Russian bodies?
(a) Edwards and his men burn it.
(b) The Russians occupy the house.
(c) It is abandoned.
(d) The fate of the house itself is not mentioned.

9. What do Edwards and his men do when they realize that they have been located by the Russians on the mountain?
(a) They retreat to another hill.
(b) They radio an Allied helicopter to come shoot the Russians.
(c) They take defensive positions and wait for the Russians to come close to them.
(d) They scatter and hide in the mountains.

10. What honor does Morris receive once he is back on American soil?
(a) He receives recognition for his efforts on the Pharris.
(b) He is promoted within the military.
(c) A family thanks him for fighting for his country.
(d) He is thanked by the military for his work as a spy.

11. What is the name of the girl Edwards and his men take with them when they leave the village?
(a) Elena.
(b) Vigdis.
(c) Helena.
(d) Katia.

12. When McCafferty fires upon the Russian convoy, he saves a submarine crew from which country?
(a) He didn't save a submarine crew.
(b) Norway.
(c) Iceland.
(d) The Ukraine.

13. In Iceland, Edwards and his men near the hill Doghouse told them to reach but are unable to approach it. Why?
(a) Their command tells them to change their destination.
(b) It is already occupied.
(c) The Russians have located their group.
(d) A helicopter is circling the hill.

14. What do Edwards and his men do with the bodies of the Russian soldiers that were killed in the farmhouse?
(a) They arrange the bodies to make it look like they were ambushed.
(b) They leave them in the farmhouse.
(c) They put them in their own jeep, push it off a cliff, and set it on fire.
(d) They bury the bodies in the fields behind the farmhouse.

15. Morris and his new crew work with another ship to sink an enemy submarine. What is the other ship's name?
(a) The Man O' War.
(b) The Battleaxe.
(c) The Harpie.
(d) The Audie Murphy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Morris is reassigned to a new ship. What is the name of that ship?

2. How does Morris get the Pharris back to land after it is damaged?

3. During his interview with Calloway, O'Malley says that the Allied troops' ability to survive depends on what?

4. When Edward and Vigdis encounter an enemy helicopter, how do they avoid detection?

5. Edwards and his group are supposed to reach a nearby mountain where they hope to be picked up. What are they supposed to do once they reach their destination?

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