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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before Morris sails from New York Harbor, he is joined by a reporter. What is the reporter's name?
(a) Gerald Marzorati.
(b) William Calloway.
(c) Patrick Flynn.
(d) Rick Kogan.

2. Why is O'Malley worried about Morris's ability to captain the Ruben James?
(a) Morris says that he is tired of being in command and wishes to return to port.
(b) Morris is disliked by the other men on the ship.
(c) O'Mally believes that Morris is too inexperienced to captain such a large ship.
(d) He lost men on the Pharris, and may find returning to command too stressful.

3. How many men escape the submarine that the Pharris sinks?
(a) Eighteen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Eleven.
(d) Six.

4. During his interview with Calloway, O'Malley says that the Allied troops' ability to survive depends on what?
(a) All parts of the military's defenses working together.
(b) The Allied forces' ability to keep their plans secret.
(c) The Allies' ability to unite with other countries.
(d) All troops working independantly, apart from each other.

5. When Calloway interviews O'Malley about sinking the submarine, what does O'Malley point out about the American military?
(a) That Calloway can not understand combat because he's a civilian.
(b) The Russians fired on the Americans first.
(c) The military never takes joy in sinking enemy vessels.
(d) The military never uses the word "killing."

6. Morris and his new crew work with another ship to sink an enemy submarine. What is the other ship's name?
(a) The Man O' War.
(b) The Audie Murphy.
(c) The Battleaxe.
(d) The Harpie.

7. When the Russians discover the soldiers Edwards's group killed at the farmhouse, what do they decide to do?
(a) Assume they died in an accident and determine to be more careful.
(b) Report the deaths and await further orders.
(c) Bury the Russians and leave the area.
(d) Search for the band of Allied soldiers that must be nearby.

8. What honor does Morris receive once he is back on American soil?
(a) A family thanks him for fighting for his country.
(b) He is thanked by the military for his work as a spy.
(c) He receives recognition for his efforts on the Pharris.
(d) He is promoted within the military.

9. What is unusual about McCafferty's kill in chapters 35-39?
(a) Three men flee on a recuse raft.
(b) The vessel is not severely damaged, but sinks anyway.
(c) The vessel sinks, but most of the crew escapes.
(d) The rescue buoy is deployed, even though all the sailors are already dead.

10. In Iceland, Edwards and his men near the hill Doghouse told them to reach but are unable to approach it. Why?
(a) A helicopter is circling the hill.
(b) It is already occupied.
(c) The Russians have located their group.
(d) Their command tells them to change their destination.

11. What happens at a local farmhouse when Edwards and his men prepare to ask for food?
(a) They are recognized and questioned by local police.
(b) Russians break in and brutalize the family.
(c) One of the men is shot in a Russian ambush.
(d) They are forced to hide when a group of Russians questions locals about their whereabouts.

12. What do Edwards and his men do with the bodies of the Russian soldiers that were killed in the farmhouse?
(a) They bury the bodies in the fields behind the farmhouse.
(b) They arrange the bodies to make it look like they were ambushed.
(c) They put them in their own jeep, push it off a cliff, and set it on fire.
(d) They leave them in the farmhouse.

13. When McCafferty fires upon the Russian convoy, he saves a submarine crew from which country?
(a) Norway.
(b) Iceland.
(c) The Ukraine.
(d) He didn't save a submarine crew.

14. Edwards and his men are supposed to hike about two hundred miles. How long is their journey supposed to last?
(a) Two months.
(b) Ten days.
(c) A month.
(d) Two weeks.

15. Edwards notes that Vigdis does not complain about having to move about in hostile territory. Why is this especially significant?
(a) Vigdis is pregnant.
(b) Vigdis has never left her family before.
(c) Vigdis' leg is broken.
(d) Vigdis has a wounded shoulder.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Morris communicate with the Russian prisoners from the sunken submarine?

2. What kind of submarine does Morris and the other ship sink?

3. While Edwards is communicating with command about an attack on the Keflavik airfield, two important areas of the base are destroyed. What are they?

4. Doghouse tells Edwards and his men are told to "take a little hike." Where are they supposed to go?

5. In this section of the book, Sergetov questions a Russian soldier who has returned from the front. How is the soldier related to him?

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