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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 40 through 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During his interview with Calloway, O'Malley says that the Allied troops' ability to survive depends on what?
(a) The Allies' ability to unite with other countries.
(b) All parts of the military's defenses working together.
(c) The Allied forces' ability to keep their plans secret.
(d) All troops working independantly, apart from each other.

2. Almost immediately after Toland reveals what he knows, his status in the military changes. What happens?
(a) He is told to go on leave and return to the ship in a few weeks.
(b) His two-week reserve status is extended indefinitely.
(c) He is asked to return to active duty.
(d) He is dismissed from service and told to keep quiet about what he knows.

3. While Edwards is communicating with command about an attack on the Keflavik airfield, two important areas of the base are destroyed. What are they?
(a) The terminal and the supply housing.
(b) The airplane hangars and the barracks.
(c) The electric plant and the tower.
(d) The barracks and the terminal.

4. While the American military waits to confirm a plan to down Soviet satellites, something happens that sets back the operation. What happens?
(a) The Soviets attack American forces.
(b) The American government decides to scrap the operation.
(c) The American satellites go down.
(d) The Soviets launch missiles at American warships.

5. What is the supposed occupation of the "terrorist"?
(a) A military specialist.
(b) A spy.
(c) A demolition worker.
(d) A bomb manufacturer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What British town houses the USS Nimitz while it is repaired and prepared for service?

2. What is the full name of the author of the article about the importance of the Russian oil fields?

3. How many people were killed in the attack in Russia?

4. After Russians sink both submarines that are traveling with the Chicago, what country's submarine contacts the Chicago and asks them if they are alone?

5. What kind of submarine does Morris and the other ship sink?

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