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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 27 through 34.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Four hovercraft are about to land on Iceland's coast. Why weren't they noticed by the Navy sooner?
(a) The Navy's radar did not see them.
(b) The Russians caused a diversion.
(c) They were disguised.
(d) They flew too quickly to be recognized.

2. What does Edwards warn command about the relocation to a safer place?
(a) It will take hours to make a short journey.
(b) His men are low on ammunition.
(c) The new location will be even less safe.
(d) His men are too exhausted to move.

3. What honor does Morris receive once he is back on American soil?
(a) A family thanks him for fighting for his country.
(b) He is thanked by the military for his work as a spy.
(c) He receives recognition for his efforts on the Pharris.
(d) He is promoted within the military.

4. Why is the Russian Foreign Minister's speech so significant?
(a) He's trying to divert attention from Russia's upcoming offensive.
(b) He's trying to draw attention away from Russia's weakened state.
(c) He's trying to gain favor with other countries by asking for their help.
(d) He's trying to intimidate other countries with boasts about Russia's well-being.

5. What happened to Edwards's girlfriend?
(a) She was killed by a Russian missile.
(b) She left him for another man when he left to go to war.
(c) She committed suicide.
(d) She was raped and murdered at her University.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Morris arrives in Boston, to what city is he sent?

2. Why does O'Malley, a member of Morris' crew, offer the credit for the submarine kill to the other ship?

3. After the Americans attack the Keflavik air base, Edwards announces that he and his men will have to relocate to a third location. Why?

4. How many men escape the submarine that the Pharris sinks?

5. What kind of submarine does Morris and the other ship sink?

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