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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 18 through 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Toland's first order of business once he reaches safety?
(a) To return immediately to America.
(b) To notify his family that he is safe.
(c) To report to his commanding officers.
(d) To give an account of the attack to military officials.

2. What is the full name of the author of the article about the importance of the Russian oil fields?
(a) Michael Evans.
(b) Patrick Flynn.
(c) Williams Blake.
(d) William Calloway.

3. What was the message of the movie that was televised the night before the attack on the Kremlin?
(a) That Russians must be careful not to involve themselves in foreign affairs.
(b) That Russians must disarm immediately to prevent nuclear war.
(c) That Russia's military is ready to fight any country if the need arises.
(d) That Russians must be ready to defend against a German attack.

4. Who discovers the refinery fire?
(a) An unnamed citizen in Franklin, North Carolina.
(b) The Satellite Watchdog Group in Atlanta, Georgia.
(c) The Satellite Control Facility in Sunnyvale, California.
(d) The American military base in Norfolk, Virginia.

5. What is the code name for the command to which Edwards reports?
(a) Master.
(b) Doghouse.
(c) Kennel.
(d) Boarding House.

Short Answer Questions

1. The mission against the Soviets is successful, but it is a costly victory. Why?

2. What happens to Chernyavin after he is caught?

3. Toland believes that the incident in Russia was faked. What reason would Russia have to fake something of this magnitude?

4. Chernyavin picks up a package at a post office. What does it contain?

5. What political body does the Politburo suggest should be eliminated?

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