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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 through 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Toland believes that the incident in Russia was faked. What reason would Russia have to fake something of this magnitude?
(a) Faking a terrorist attack would justify heightened military activity.
(b) Faking an attack would allow Russia to declare war on another country.
(c) Faking a terrorist attack would make other countries feel bad for Russia and offer them oil.
(d) An explosion would frighten Russians and make them want to go to war.

2. Morris warns the crew of the USS Pharris that the ship's orders have changed. What does he tell them?
(a) All personnel are to increase security and report any suspicious activity.
(b) No more drills will be conducted; all calls to arms will be real.
(c) No more drills will be conducted; their new mission is to track all enemy ships.
(d) Drills will continue to be conducted, but no one is to fire upon enemy ships.

3. When Toland is recalled to duty and is preparing to leave his home, he hears a news report about something that occurs at the Kremlin. What was it?
(a) Another oil refinery is attacked.
(b) An important government official is kidnapped.
(c) There was a riot over the lack of oil.
(d) There was an explosion at the Kremlin.

4. What was the message of the movie that was televised the night before the attack on the Kremlin?
(a) That Russia's military is ready to fight any country if the need arises.
(b) That Russians must be ready to defend against a German attack.
(c) That Russians must be careful not to involve themselves in foreign affairs.
(d) That Russians must disarm immediately to prevent nuclear war.

5. The night before the attack, a movie was televised throughout Russia. What was the movie about?
(a) The Russian military.
(b) Nuclear War.
(c) A German attack on Russia.
(d) World War I.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the people who died in the attack on Russia, how many were children?

2. The Commander of the USS Pharris receives orders about how to deal with ships he encounters. What are those orders?

3. What two areas do the Russians plan to attack during Red Storm?

4. What happens that leads to Chernyavin's discovery and arrest?

5. How many Muslims attack the oil refinery in Nizhnevartovsk?

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