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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1 through 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Toland reveals what he knows to a high-ranking military official. What is that man's full name?
(a) Vice Admiral Richard Pipes.
(b) Sergeant Chuck Meyers.
(c) Colonel Keith Oberhausen.
(d) Commander Raymond Jarvis.

2. What is Toland's response to the news of the generals' executions, and how do his superiors react?
(a) Toland thinks it's important; his superiors have him investigate furthur.
(b) Toland thinks it's trivial; his superiors think it's important.
(c) Toland thinks it's important; his superiors don't.
(d) Toland thinks it's trivial; his superiors agree.

3. What is the name of the ship Toland's commanding officer is in charge of?
(a) The USS Lincolon.
(b) The USS Pharris.
(c) The USS Ingham.
(d) The USS Davis.

4. What does the AP Moscow Correspondent say extinguished the fire?
(a) Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers.
(b) Sophisticated fire extinguishers.
(c) A freak snowstorm.
(d) Military helicopters.

5. The execution of four Russian generals has a profound impact on the rest of the Russian military. How do other military officers respond?
(a) By being fearful toward the Russian government.
(b) They are angry that the Russian government interfered with the military.
(c) By being more deeply committed to the Russian government.
(d) They are pleased that rogue officers were caught and punished.

Short Answer Questions

1. Almost immediately after Toland reveals what he knows, his status in the military changes. What happens?

2. A Russian military official analyzes the readiness of the Russian military. What is that man's name?

3. Flynn and Calloway cover a speech by the Russian Foreign Minister. What does the Minister speak about?

4. What does Sergetov tell the Politburo about the state of Russian affairs?

5. Who discovers the refinery fire?

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