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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 40 through 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is notable about the "terrorist's" statement that angers Toland's superiors?
(a) The man's story is full of holes and contradictions.
(b) The terrorist's story is too perfect.
(c) The man is too emotional about his story.
(d) There are no hard facts available about the attack or the terrorist.

2. When the Russians discover the soldiers Edwards's group killed at the farmhouse, what do they decide to do?
(a) Search for the band of Allied soldiers that must be nearby.
(b) Report the deaths and await further orders.
(c) Assume they died in an accident and determine to be more careful.
(d) Bury the Russians and leave the area.

3. What does the AP Moscow Correspondent say extinguished the fire?
(a) Military helicopters.
(b) Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers.
(c) A freak snowstorm.
(d) Sophisticated fire extinguishers.

4. After the Americans attack the Keflavik air base, Edwards announces that he and his men will have to relocate to a third location. Why?
(a) His men are desperate to get out of enemy territory.
(b) The Russians are too close to their hiding place.
(c) Edwards and his men are low on supplies.
(d) Their hiding place is under fire.

5. Morris did not receive much warning that the journalist was to join his ship, but he determines that the journalist is professional. Why?
(a) The journalist only carries one bag.
(b) The journalist is very well-spoken.
(c) The journalist stays out of the way.
(d) The journalist has a good reputation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does First Lieutenant Mike Edwards stay to monitor the situation at the air base?

2. What happens at a local farmhouse when Edwards and his men prepare to ask for food?

3. Before O'Malley sank the submarine, what role did he play as a helicopter pilot?

4. After the Allies fire at the volcanic rock, why do the Russians' missiles only hit a few Allied targets?

5. What kind of vessel does the USS Pharris sink?

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