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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35 through 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he listens to the eulogy for the Russian victims, what does Toland notice about the speech?
(a) That Russia intends to ask other countries for oil.
(b) That Russia is in desperate need of financial help from other countries.
(c) That Russia intends to go to war.
(d) That Russia intends to continue their arms reduction.

2. During Edwards's move away from his location, something happens that makes him ashamed of himself. What is it?
(a) He executes a Russian patrol that discovers his men.
(b) He loses his temper and slaps one of his men.
(c) He freezes while crossing a road and is nearly discovered.
(d) One of his men is killed by a Russian patrol.

3. What is the name of the defensive maneuver that the Allied forces execute in Chapter 35?
(a) "Zigzag."
(b) "Eliza."
(c) "Doolittle."
(d) "Magoo."

4. What does Edwards warn command about the relocation to a safer place?
(a) It will take hours to make a short journey.
(b) His men are low on ammunition.
(c) His men are too exhausted to move.
(d) The new location will be even less safe.

5. What happens to the Pharris in chapter 27?
(a) It runs aground on a sand bar.
(b) It hits an underwater mine.
(c) It's hit by a torpedo.
(d) It's bombed by a Russian fighter pilot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chernyavin picks up a package at a post office. What does it contain?

2. Four hovercraft are about to land on Iceland's coast. Why weren't they noticed by the Navy sooner?

3. What is the supposed occupation of the "terrorist"?

4. What does Morris do to gain information from the Russian prisoners about the whereabouts of other vessels?

5. How many men escape the submarine that the Pharris sinks?

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