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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 through 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the full name of the author of the article about the importance of the Russian oil fields?
(a) Williams Blake.
(b) Michael Evans.
(c) Patrick Flynn.
(d) William Calloway.

2. What is the full name of the adviser to the Russian government, who specializes in energy production?
(a) Mikhail Eduardovich Sergetov.
(b) Dmitri Shostakovich.
(c) Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
(d) Alexander Taneyev.

3. At the funeral, Sergetov is enraged by the loss of life that resulted from the explosion. He is also angry because of what reason?
(a) He feels responsible for the death of the children.
(b) One of the parents of the deceased made a scene.
(c) Half of the people who knew about the attack were at the funeral.
(d) The Politburo used the funeral as an excuse to discuss politics publicly.

4. Once the men have rejoined Chernyavin, they blow up the van they were in. How?
(a) With dynamite.
(b) With a hand-grenade.
(c) With plastic explosives.
(d) With a rocket-launcher.

5. Why does Chernyavin praise the man who blew up the van?
(a) The explosion destroyed their paperwork so the enemy can't get it.
(b) He is very eager to begin fighting the Germans.
(c) He convinced the others to trust Chernyavin.
(d) He showed bravery by being the last man out of the vehicle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who discovers the refinery fire?

2. What element of the Russian offensive does Pavel Alekeseyev say is crucial to its success?

3. What does the Politburo decide after Sergetov's report?

4. What clue does Toland discover that indicates Russia's instability?

5. What is the Russian Politburo?

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