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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 through 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Doghouse tells Edwards and his men are told to "take a little hike." Where are they supposed to go?
(a) To meet up with another group of stranded Marines.
(b) A distant Marine outpost.
(c) The nearest American ship.
(d) A town called Hvammsfjordur.

2. During the attack on the Nizhnevartovsk oil refinery, Tolkaze stops for a moment to read something. What was it?
(a) Part of his father's Koran.
(b) Instructions on how to loosen the refinery's valves.
(c) A prayer for the people he killed.
(d) A map of the refinery.

3. What happens to the farmhouse after Edwards and his men dispose of the Russian bodies?
(a) Edwards and his men burn it.
(b) The Russians occupy the house.
(c) It is abandoned.
(d) The fate of the house itself is not mentioned.

4. What is notable about the "terrorist's" statement that angers Toland's superiors?
(a) The man's story is full of holes and contradictions.
(b) The man is too emotional about his story.
(c) The terrorist's story is too perfect.
(d) There are no hard facts available about the attack or the terrorist.

5. While the Russians prepare for their offensive, four generals are court-martialed and shot. What are they accused of?
(a) Falsifying training records.
(b) Mistreating military recruits.
(c) Stealing and selling Russian weapons.
(d) Embezzeling military money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Morris warns the crew of the USS Pharris that the ship's orders have changed. What does he tell them?

2. After Edwards loses his confidence in himself, he defers all decisions to what man?

3. Command asks Edwards a series of questions to confirm his identity. One question makes him so angry he refuses to answer. What was it?

4. The Russians who control the air base are attacked by American planes. What do the American planes fail to destroy?

5. Toland observes that the Allied forces are capable of beating the Russians, but they must be able to do what first?

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