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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 35 through 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Edwards and his men do when they realize that they have been located by the Russians on the mountain?
(a) They scatter and hide in the mountains.
(b) They retreat to another hill.
(c) They take defensive positions and wait for the Russians to come close to them.
(d) They radio an Allied helicopter to come shoot the Russians.

2. The men that escape the sunken submarine are captured and taken on board the Pharris. How are they treated?
(a) They are well cared for, but they are separated from the rest of the crew.
(b) They are executed.
(c) They are tortured for information.
(d) They are locked in a store room and given minimal food and water.

3. How do Alekeseyev and Sergetov leave the scene the helicopter crash?
(a) They disguise themselves and hitch hike.
(b) They walk and then comandeer a truck.
(c) They hike to the nearest Russian camp.
(d) They force a local man to drive them to the nearest Russian company.

4. The Commander of the USS Pharris receives orders about how to deal with ships he encounters. What are those orders?
(a) He is to engage any East Bloc warship or merchant ship.
(b) He is to follow any enemy ships he finds, but is not to attack them.
(c) He is to call for reinforcements any time he encounters enemy ships.
(d) He is to evade any Soviet ships he encounters.

5. Where was Georgiyevich when the information that led to the war was discussed with the Politburo?
(a) He was home with an illness.
(b) He was in America on business.
(c) He was visiting relatives in Serbia.
(d) He was on his lunch break.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Alekeseyev and Sergetov conclude about the Russian offensive in Germany?

2. How many men escape the submarine that the Pharris sinks?

3. The Politburo divides reports into which three categories?

4. At the funeral, Sergetov is enraged by the loss of life that resulted from the explosion. He is also angry because of what reason?

5. Of the people who died in the attack on Russia, how many were children?

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