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Red Storm

This is the plan for a mechanized attack into West Germany and the Low Countries. The major components are strategic surprise and the use of conventional weapons.

Nizhnevartovsk, R.S.F.S.R.

This is the location in Siberia of the oil refinery blown up by Muslims.

Norfolk, Virginia

This is where Toland works.

Crofton, Maryland

This is where Toland lives.


This is the plane produced by Lockheed that is called Frisbee by the pilots. This is the plane flown by Colonel Douglas Ellington.


This is the city where the Russian Politburo is located.

Hill 152

Located four kilometers from Hafnarfjordur, this is the location where Edwards and his fellow Marines go after the attack on the Keflavik, Iceland air base.

USS Pharris

This is the ship commanded by Morris that is badly damaged during a battle and is later put in to port.

Reuben James

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