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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 through 8)


Chapters 1 through 8

The destruction of the oil refinery has long-lasting effects on the people of Russia, and leaves the country in an extremely vulnerable state. That vulnerability launches what is essentially a third world war. This lesson will focus on that vulnerability and its consequences.


1) Class Discussion: Have the class discuss what circumstances makes Russia so vulnerable to the Muslims' attack, and how their vulnerabilities in other areas make the attack on the refinery so devastating. Some questions for them to consider include: How did the set up and security of the oil refinery make the Muslims' attack easier? What circumstances in Russia make the consequences of the attack so far-reaching? Why is the Russian government so afraid of letting other countries see their weakness after the attack?

2) Brainstorm: Have students view the attack on the refinery from the Russians' point of view. Have them...

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