Red Storm Rising Character Descriptions

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Robert Toland

This character is a mid-level analyst at the National Security Agency, active reservist, and communications expert. It's this character who notes the execution of four Russian generals as something noteworthy, though his superiors discount the information.

First Lieutenant Mike Edwards

This character is stationed in Keflavik, Iceland and is actually a meteorologist on assignment with the Air Force. This character is given the code name Beagle and reports to Doghouse.

Ed Morris

This character is the Commander of the USS Pharris. This character finds the Pharris targeted by an enemy torpedo, and the efforts of this character and his men prevents the ship from sinking.

Commander Daniel X. McCafferty

This character is the commander of the USS Chicago. This character destroyed a Russian ship and saved a Norwegian crew.

Mikhail Eduardovich Sergetov

This character's specialty is energy production and distribution, and he is on the job...

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