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Chapters 1 through 8

• Three Muslims attack and destroy an oil refinery in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia.

• Sergetov notes that some 500 people die in the fire at the oil refinery.

• Williams Blake notes that around 31% of Russia's oil supply is affected.

• Sergetov reports to the Russian Politburo about the effects of the oil refinery fire.

• The Politburo decides to take Russia to war for oil.

• The Politburo decides NATO should be eliminated.
• The term "Red Storm" is introduced; it is a mechanized attack on Germany and the Low Countries.

• An AP Correspondent in Moscow reports that the fire was caused by a technical malfunction.

• Russia's Foreign Minister makes a speech about reducing Russia's arms.

• Flynn and Calloway are introduced. They report on the Foreign Minister's speech.

• The author implies that the minister's speech is meant to distract the world from the upcoming offensive.

• Flynn notes the Russian's decision to fill their torpedoes...

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