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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Jia Hong-yu first see Mao?
(a) The Japanese front.
(b) Shang Hai.
(c) Tiannemen Square.
(d) City Hall in Hong Kong.

2. What was Ji Li happy about while she was sick with a fever?
(a) She got sleep.
(b) She got to miss school.
(c) She got to be with her mother.
(d) She didn't have to petition.

3. When was Ji Li born?
(a) The Full Moon Harvest.
(b) All Hallow's Eve.
(c) The Cherry Blossom Festival.
(d) Chinese New Year.

4. Who disagreed with the New China campaign?
(a) An Yi.
(b) Ji Li's mother.
(c) Ji Li's grandmother.
(d) Grandpa Hong.

5. How was Ji Li related to Tian?
(a) Tian was her cousin.
(b) Tian was a family friend.
(c) Tian was her God father.
(d) Tian was her uncle.

6. What did Ji Li do after being lectured by the Red Successors?
(a) Cried.
(b) Listened intently.
(c) Read a book.
(d) Spit at them.

7. What made Ji Li lonely?
(a) An Yi was sent to live with her grandparents.
(b) Jiang Xi would not speak to her.
(c) Her father kept her locked up.
(d) Her friends no longer liked her.

8. Why did Dad send the children away when Tian was visiting?
(a) So he could make plans.
(b) So dinner could be prepared.
(c) So they could get some quiet time.
(d) So the adults could talk.

9. What were the Red Successors?
(a) The female sector of the Red Guard.
(b) The new teacher foundation.
(c) The opposition to the Red Guard.
(d) The young version of the Red Guard.

10. What was Ji Li most upset about while she was sick with a fever?
(a) Grandpa Hogan's stall.
(b) The poster.
(c) Her confrontation with Jiang Xi.
(d) Her brother joining the Army.

11. What was stolen from Ji Yung to get him in a fight?
(a) An instrument.
(b) His canvas.
(c) A book.
(d) His cap.

12. Where did Ji Li learn about the New China campaign?
(a) In church.
(b) In books.
(c) At school.
(d) At home.

13. Why did Dad decide to paint something in his house?
(a) So it would match the decor.
(b) So it wouldn't be considered Four Old.
(c) So it would make Grandmother happy.
(d) So it would pass inspection.

14. What caused Ji Li to take over the cooking in her house?
(a) She came of age.
(b) Her grandmother got sick.
(c) Song Po-Po was fired.
(d) An Yi moved away.

15. Why was Ji Li included in a poster?
(a) She was related to a teacher.
(b) She was a favorite student.
(c) She was a bad student.
(d) She didn't make any of her own posters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What occupation did Ji Li's parents once hold?

2. Where was a sign being broken according to An Yi?

3. What were the schools in China supposed to be producing?

4. What was Song Po-Po's occupation?

5. What did Ji Li mean?

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