Red Queen Short Essay - Answer Key

Victoria Aveyard
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1. What happens to Reds when they turn 18 if they do not have a job?

If Reds do not have a job when they turn 18 then they are conscripted. They are sent to fight against Lakeland in a battle that has gone on for 100 years.

2. What did Mare's brothers give her and Gisa before they went to war?

First when Bree left, he gave Mare a single pair of earrings for Mare and Gisa to split. Then when Tramy and Shade went to war, they continued the tradition and gave their sisters earrings as well.

3. What view does Mare's family have from their house?

Mare's family's house is built high so they can see across the river. They can see the cleared pockets of land that were once forest. They look diseased, but to the north and west forest can still be seen.

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