Daily Lessons for Teaching Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-6)


Victoria Aveyard is the author of Red Queen. Learning about an author's background, writing style, and motives can provide insight into a book. The objective of this lesson is to examine Aveyard's life and writing.


Class Discussion: When did Aveyard first begin to write? How long has she been telling stories? What inspired Aveyard to write when she was interning at a studio? Where did the inspiration for the Red Queen come from? Who encouraged Aveyard to pursue her idea for the book? Why did she move back home? How did her family help her with the writing process? Why was that year scary for her? What was her writing process like? How did the writing process differ for her second book? How did her screenwriting background help her write the novel? What is the most important skill she learned in college that assists her...

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