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Victoria Aveyard
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Essay Topic 1

Red Queen is a fantasy novel. Why is it a fantasy, rather than science fiction?

Essay Topic 2

Queenstrial is an example of the rivalry that exists between Silvers. What role does rivalry play in Silver society? What role does rivalry play in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The king and queen decide to have Mare pass as a Silver. Why do the king and queen believe that Mare posing as a Silver can make Reds less inclined to join the rebellion?

Essay Topic 4

Norta is a land divided between two classes of society. How is Norta segregated and how does segregation affect life in Norta?

Essay Topic 5

Mare has preconceived ideas about Silvers, and she is very prejudiced against them. How are Mare, other Reds, and Silver prejudiced? How does this prejudice affect the way that the different classes treat one another?

Essay Topic 6

In Silver society...

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