Red Queen Character Descriptions

Victoria Aveyard
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Mare Molly Barrow

This character is the protagonist and a Red who has abilities like Silvers and who is drawn into the intrigue and treachery of the royal family.


This character is the crown prince and will be king after his father dies. He enjoys the life of a soldier and establishes his own legion.


This character is the second-born son of the ruling king. He is very jealous of his older brother and plots to take the throne.

King Tiberias

This character is the king of Norta, and he has two sons by different wives.

Queen Elara

This character is the second wife of the ruling queen. She killed the first queen, and she plots to take the throne for her son.


This character has the power to wield metal. After Queenstrial she becomes engaged to the crown prince.


This character is the best...

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